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    Thesis, dissertations, books. Free e-library - Political.

  1. «legalising land rights local practices, state responses and tenure security in africa, asia and latin america edited by Janine m. ubink andré J. ...»
  2. «City of Orland 1 Administrative Guidelines for Implementation of General Plan Agricultural Buffering Policies ( F I N A L a d o p t e d 9 / 6 / 2 0 0 ...»
  3. «The evolving structure of world agricultural trade Implications for trade policy and trade agreements The evolving structure of world agricultural ...»
  4. «Studies of political elites in Russia: issues and alternatives Vladimir Gel’man *, Inessa Tarusina Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology, ...»
  5. «December 29, 2014 Abstract The implications of clientelism for electoral accountability are mixed. Political intermediaries redistribute needed ...»
  6. «INTRODUCTION The present study is an analysis of the political regrouping of the former Romanian communist elite during the 1989 Revolution. The ...»
  7. «Cecilia Enjuto Rangel The Spanish Civil War (1936–1939) inspired a politics and mobilized a poetics of transnational solidarity.1 From both sides ...»
  8. «Reparations and Displacement in Turkey Lessons Learned from the Compensation Law Dilek Kurban July 2012 ICTJ/Brookings | Reparations and Displacement ...»
  9. «Inside Online Charter Schools October 2015 Brian Gill Lucas Walsh Claire Smither Wulsin Holly Matulewicz Veronica Severn Eric Grau Amanda Lee Tess ...»
  10. «Deterring a Nuclear Iran The Devil in the Details Kenneth M. Pollack May 2010 This publication was made possible by the generous support of the ...»
  11. «Modelling Complex Socio-Technical Systems Modelling Complex Socio-Technical Systems Using Morphological Analysis Adapted from an address to the ...»
  12. «Do Explicit Racial Cues Influence Candidate Preference? The Case of Skin Complexion in the 2008 Campaign Shanto Iyengar, Solomon Messing, and Jeremy ...»
  13. «Vol.17 (2010), No. 4, pp. 25 - 42 Abstract Talking politics online is not bound to spaces dedicated Todd Graham is postdoctoral to politics, ...»
  14. «Katelyn Jones PTW, 25 January 2013 Please do not circulate Recovering Solitude: Arendt and Emerson on solitude and political participation Abstract ...»
  15. «Abstract Fake public participation is widespread in United States government and in governments all over the world. Since fake public participation ...»
  16. «Hyeran Jo Department of Political Science Texas A&M University 2010 Allen Building, 4348 TAMU College Station TX 77843 hyeranjo@polisci.tamu.edu Beth ...»
  17. «Writers/Researchers: Sukron Kamil Amelia Fauzia Irfan Abubakar Ridwan al-Makassary Sri Hidayati Rita Pranawati Muchtadlirin Sholehudin A. Aziz Andi ...»
  18. «East or West: an ongoing discussion Should Russia be part of the East or West? Russian politicians, scholars, writers and thinkers have been ...»
  19. «Human Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world. We stand with victims and activists to prevent ...»
  20. «Vincent Ostrom transformed my understanding of world politics. Like most political scientists specializing in international relations (IR), I had ...»
  21. «Media Freedom and Democracy: Complements or Substitutes in the Fight against Corruption? Sambit Bhattacharyya and Roland Hodler∗ February 17, 2012 ...»
  22. «PROGRAM OF STUDIES 2013 - 2014 PROGRAM OF STUDIES TABLE OF CONTENTS Message to Parents and Students 1 Mission and Beliefs 2 Graduation Requirements 3 ...»
  23. «Table of Contents Go Back World Integrated Warning Forecasting System Based on System Dynamics Principles as a Basic Factor in Sustainable ...»
  24. «Militant Femininity in Southern African Poetry: A Discussion of Selected Poems by Micere Mugo and Gladys Thomas Accepted for publication In Power and ...»
  26. «Mr Sponge S Sporting Tour Either, being a site makes certainly the site to work done also. The non-renewals decide an there cheaper bottom of ...»
  27. «IS WAR STILL BECOMING OBSOLETE? John Mueller Department of Political Science University of Rochester August 5, 1991 Prepared for presentation at the ...»
  28. «Building Multiple Pathways to a High School Diploma: A Cost Study of Non-Traditional Academic Options The promise of a high-quality education leading ...»
  29. «FTMBC Publication www.fantasticfaith.org May - July 2013 Pastor’s Corner Dear Beloved, Greetings in the matchless name of the Lord who does not ...»
  30. «Suruchi Thapar-Björkert Conversations across Borders: Men and Honour Related Violence in U.K. and Sweden Abstract This paper engages with debates on ...»
  31. «Corporation Division – Secretary of State FilingInOregon.com Introduction Welcome to the State of Oregon Notary Public Guide. This publication ...»
  32. «THE ROLE OF THE MEDIA AND NEWS FRAMING IN EMBEDDING EUROPE C. H. de Vreese WEBPUBLICATIONS 20 The Hague, June 2007 The Webpublications series ...»
  33. «Dr. Bradley Gitz Lyon College Batesville, Arkansas DR. BRADLEY R. GITZ, PH.D. Bradley R. Gitz received his doctorate in Political Science from the ...»
  34. «David Osimo1 and Francesco Mureddu2 Draft Background The aim of this paper is to present an outline for discussion upon a new Research Challenge on ...»
  35. «Regime Complexes: A Buzz, a Boom, or a Boost for Global Governance? Amandine Orsini, Jean-Frédéric Morin, and Oran Young Understanding the impact ...»
  36. «RECORDS OF ROYAL MAIL AND ITS PREDECESSORS 1969-2006 Contents Section Title Page Contents 1 1. Authority 5 2. Scope 5 3. Responsibilities of Royal ...»
  37. «The overnight detention of children in police cells Contents Tables 4 Summary 5 Abbreviations 9 1. Introduction 11 Legal definitions of children Why ...»
  38. «Scenarios as forward-looking narratives: between scientific credibility and political efficiency Introduction1 The production of foresight2 scenarios ...»
  39. «Framing Analysis: An Approach to News Discourse ZHONGDANG PAN The Annenberg School for Communication University of Pennsylvania GERALD M. KOSICKI The ...»
  40. «THE DIGITAL DIVIDE AS A COMPLEX AND DYNAMIC PHENOMENON Jan van Dijk, Utrecht University Ken Hacker, New Mexico State University Paper presented at ...»
  41. «The Boundaries of Sisterhood: Gender and Class in the Mothers and Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo1 Ana Peluffo University of California—Davis On ...»
  42. «Georgi Derluguian Northwestern University May 2010 The color revolutions of Georgia (2003), Ukraine (2004) and Kyrgyzstan (2005) promised these ...»
  43. «The current situation in Iraq in the aftermath of the invasion by British and U.S. forces made many analysts pay closer attention to the problems ...»
  44. «ABSTRACT: To most philosophers, unmet claims based on distributive justice imply a political injustice — some have a complaint of justice against ...»
  45. «December 1994 Draft: Comments welcome! Political Obligation and Political Secession As the twentieth century draws to a close, centrifugal forces are ...»
  46. «ABSTRACT This article critically evaluates participatory, integrated conservation and development programmes in Africa, focusing on protected area ...»
  47. «1 PRIVATE PROPERTY: FUNDAMENTAL OR PASSÉ? For the last half century, thinking within political philosophy about private property and ownership has ...»
  48. «Mother & Baby Units This instruction applies to:- Reference:PSI 49/2014 Prisons PI 63/2014 Providers of Probation Services Issue Date Effective Date ...»
  49. «Politics and Exchange Rates in Latin America (Revised Version of “Politics and Exchange Rates: A Cross-Country Approach for Latin America” ) by ...»
  50. «Paulina Pustułka Bangor University, UK Polish Mothers on the Move: Transnationality and Discourses of Gender, Care, and Co-residentiality ...»
  51. «Congressional Research Service 7-5700 www.crs.gov R43091 CRS Report for Congress Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress Military Parents and ...»
  52. «Riksbank Studies COUNTERCYCLICAL CAPITAL BUFFERS AS A MACROPRUDENTIAL INSTRUMENT December 2012 ISBN 978-91-89612-69-3  Foreword The Riksbank’s ...»
  53. «I Introduction In this book I re-examine Karl Marx’s analysis of value through a detailed study of Chapter One of Volume I of Capital. The object ...»
  54. «Multicultural & ESOL Program Services Education Department The School Board of Broward County, Florida The School Board of Broward County, Florida ...»
  55. «Barbara Collins Principal Analyst Child, Family and Community Policy Ministry of Social Development Wellington July 2010 ISBN 978-0-478-32361-0 ...»
  56. «Detection of Explosives on Airline Passengers: Recommendation of the 9/11 Commission and Related Issues Dana A. Shea and Daniel Morgan Analysts in ...»
  57. «‘It is not enough to merely defend democracy. To defend it may be to lose it, to extend it is to strengthen it. Democracy is not property; it is an ...»
  58. «Office of Detention Oversight Compliance Inspection Enforcement and Removal Operations New York Field Office Hudson County Correctional Facility ...»
  59. «The politics of international law are inextricably linked to the issue of governance. In this chapter we approach the central themes of the book by ...»
  60. «The span of Soviet foreign policy that is the subject of this chapter covers two distinct periods, 1962 to 1964, and 1964 to 1975. The first period ...»
  62. «INFORMATION, INNOVATION, AND COMPETITION POLICY FOR THE INTERNET HOWARD A. SHELANSKI† Antitrust agencies around the world are increasingly focusing ...»
  64. «THE KISSINGER/VORSTER/KAUNDA DETENTE: GENESIS OF THE SWAPO 'SPY-DRAMA' - Part I Paul Trewhela 'The agents of the South African regime and ...»
  65. «Whitemarsh Information Systems Corporation 2008 Althea Lane Bowie, Maryland 20716 Tele: 301-249-1142 Email: Whitemarsh@wiscorp.com Web: ...»
  66. «Objective. Laws reducing hurdles to legally carrying concealed firearms are argued to have a deterrent effect on crime by increasing its perceived ...»
  67. «Introduction In this step, titled, Monitor and Evaluate, the coalition will learn about the importance of monitoring and evaluating the chosen policy ...»
  68. «African Identity? Mother and Daughter between the Currents in Colonial West Africa Rahel Kühne-Thies Abstract This article explores early tendencies ...»
  69. «Loving to Straighten Out Development: Sexuality and “Ethnodevelopment” in the World Bank’s Ecuadorian Lending Kate Bedford Feminist Legal ...»
  70. «Jessica Young, FAA ANG-C41 Marie Kee, FAA ANG-C41 January 2014 DOT/FAA/TC-TN13/49 [2801-2900] ii NOTICE This document is ...»
  72. «Human Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world. We stand with victims and activists to prevent ...»
  73. «The Harvard community has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Pinker, Steven. 2013. ...»
  74. «SECTION ONE: Organizing Concepts Reform of Connecticut’s high schools was first identified as a major policy objective in 2001 when Associate ...»
  75. «In what ways was Nixon and Kissinger's strategy of detente a significant policy initiative? The hallmark of American foreign policy in the post World ...»
  76. «TOWARDS STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE Foresight, Intelligence, and Policy-Making Towards Strategic Intelligence – Foresight, Intelligence, and ...»
  77. «BACKGROUND INFORMATION The Texas Legislature established new requirements for student eligibility for admission to any Texas public university under ...»
  78. «Eric Drexler and Chris Peterson with Gayle Pergamit Contents Foreword iv Preface vii Author’s Note ix 1 Looking Forward 1 2 The Molecular World 22 ...»
  79. «United States Military Academy West Point, New York Center for Strategic Leadership United States Army War College Carlisle, Pennsylvania July 2011 ...»
  80. «Produced by: EUROCONTROL on behalf of the European Union June 2014 FAA Air Traffic Organization System Operations Services COPYRIGHT NOTICE AND ...»
  81. «Jessica Glicken Turnley, Ph.D. and Aaron Perls Galisteo Consulting Group Inc. September 2008 The views expressed herein are those of the authors and ...»
  82. «                     (  ∗       +     (! . #%  /. 0−−1 2234/.4∃3  ) ...»
  83. «Working Paper Research by G. Jiménez, S. Ongena, J.-L. Peydró and J. Saurina No 231 October 2012 Editorial Director Jan Smets, Member of the Board ...»
  84. «Did the Indian capital controls work as a tool of macroeconomic policy? Ila Patnaik∗ Ajay Shah July 11, 2012 Abstract The present debate on capital ...»
  85. «Slavoj Zizek In our Western tradition, the exemplary case of a traumatic Real is the Jewish Law. Let us not forget that, in the Jewish tradition, the ...»
  86. «THE ROLE OF DIASPORA IN HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE SUMMARY Introduction In the light of the unprecedented humanitarian crises that the world is currently ...»
  87. «1. Data Protection Act 1998 Explanatory Guidance Purpose Of Guidance Part 1 of this guidance provides a brief overview of the Data Protection Act ...»
  88. «Scottish Procurement Policy Note SPPN 5/2007 Date 28 September 2007 THE DRAFT PUBLIC CONTRACTS AND UTILITIES CONTRACTS (SCOTLAND) AMENDMENT ...»
  89. «Parties on the verge of a nervous breakdown Stuart Hall Both right and left of British politics are in need of a 'grand idea'. Stuart Hall examines ...»
  90. «CIHT’s response to the Department for Transport’s Consultation entitled: Devolving local major transport schemes response form – Chartered ...»
  91. «COMPOUNDING VERSUS MANUFACTURING (MEDICATION PREPARATION) Policy & Procedure CPCP Internal Code: Rx PROCEDURE NO.: 3.3-12 Approved By: Date ...»
  92. «Potholes and Detours in the Road to Critical Infrastructure Protection Policy Ted G. Lewis∗ Rudy Darken† ∗ Naval Postgraduate School, ...»
  93. «JAMES L. HUFFMAN* Limited Prospects for Privatization of Public Lands: Presidio and Valles Caldera May Be as Good as It Gets Sally Fairfax, Lauren ...»
  94. «Kenneth Omeje The Diaspora and Domestic Insurgencies in Africa Abstract This article engages the emerging discursive reconstruction in the West of ...»
  95. «PARENTS I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I The Parent Trap Tom Loveless This ...»
  96. «Department of Political Science Office phone: (860) 297-2546 Trinity College Fax: (860) 297-5328 300 Summit St. Hartford, CT 06106 ...»
  97. «INTRODUCTION Thank you Chairman Ron Paul, Ranking Member William Lacy Clay and members of the subcommittee for this opportunity to testify on ...»
  98. «FORTRESS-CALYPSO 1009496E English Deutsch English © 2009 Handicare All rights reserved. The information contained in this manual may not be ...»
  99. «Race Betterment and Tropical Medicine in Imperial San Francisco At six o’clock on the morning of February 20, 1915, San Francisco was engulfed by a ...»
  101. «Quem distingue o feio do belo distingue o mal do bem. José Enrique Rodó, Ariel, 1900 Entre civilização e barbárie; bem e mal; tradição e ...»
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