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    Thesis, dissertations, books. Free e-library - Political.

  1. «FOREWORD Within the framework of its Strategy on Development, the OECD has hosted since 2013 a horizontal Initiative for Policy Dialogue on Natural ...»
  2. «Niger: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper— 2004 and 2005 Annual Progress Reports—Joint Staff Advisory Note The attached Joint Staff Advisory Note ...»
  3. «Contested stories of commercial security: self- and media narratives of private military and security companies Andreas Kruck* and Alexander Spencer ...»
  4. «Corruption in Empirical Research — A Review Dr. Johann Graf Lambsdorff, November 1999 jlambsd@uni-goettingen.de Abstract Data on the perceived ...»
  5. «by ANDREW DEREWIANY A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Honors in the Major Program in Political Science in the ...»
  6. «Communities Resisting Immigration Enforcement: Detainer Policies and Local Advocacy September 19, 2014 Our Presenters • Lena Graber, Special ...»
  7. «By Jennifer Ogg Anderson Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Vanderbilt University in partial fulfillment of the ...»
  9. «www.ece.ucsd.edu Staff Advisors & Advising Hours 3 ECE Program Goals 4 • Undergraduate Program Overview 5 B.S. Electrical Engineering 6 • B.S. ...»
  11. «Am 7. Juni 2011 organisierte das Österreichische Institut für Internationale Politik in Zusammenarbeit mit IDEAZ, dem Außenministerium und der ...»
  12. «The American Constitution Society takes no position on particular legal or policy initiatives. All expressions of opinion are those of the author or ...»
  13. «Executive summary What do Americans think about fact-checking and what effect does exposure to this new kind of news coverage have on people’s ...»
  14. «Actual Book Size 8.5 X 5.5 SAMPLE FOR READING ONLY DO NOT COPY AUTHOR: Calvin Wayne Wright , Master of Divinity, Southwestern Baptist Theological ...»
  15. «Abstract Does external monitoring improve democratic performance? Fact-checking has come to play an increasingly important role in political coverage ...»
  16. «Contents: Introduction o Provisions for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Persons belonging to Minorities o The Implementation of Special ...»
  17. «Fact Sheet No.7/Rev.1, Complaints Procedure Introduction Part 1: Complaints under the international human rights treaties o Overview Procedure under ...»
  18. «DONALD P. GREEN Columbia University Department of Political Science 7th Floor, International Affairs Building, 420 West 118th St. New York, NY 10027 ...»
  19. «February 2010 Abstract We show that political institutions affect corruption levels. We use corruption audit reports in Brazil to construct new ...»
  20. «Findings and Recommendations General Findings and Recommendations Finding #1 U.S. forces, in many instances, used interrogation techniques on ...»
  21. «A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science in the Graduate ...»
  22. «Geographic Dimensions Of Us Social Policy Boards A is where you can see finished project options. And no round that this download was increased to go ...»
  23. «Vilaysinh DAINHANSA∗ I. INTRODUCTION As we are all aware, corruption is a very serious crime because it concerns government officials, some in ...»
  24. «Miriam Golden Lucio Picci University of California at Los Angeles University of Bologna August 28, 2005 Version 2.1 Abstract Corruption in Italian ...»
  25. «Greco-Roman Lessons for Public Debt Management and Debt Market Development Alessandra Campanaro Dimitri Vittas World Bank Policy Research Working ...»
  26. «Jeffrey D. Grynaviski Duke University Revised January, 2002 This paper is a combination of a very preliminary draft of my first dissertation chapter ...»
  27. «ecoDa ecoDa This document is a practical tool for unlisted companies and their stakeholders developed by the European Confederation of Directors’ ...»
  28. «Despite nearly two decades of attention being paid to the issue of corruption, there are two conundrums that characterise much academic and policy ...»
  29. «by Hoon Lee A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Communication) in The ...»
  30. «INTRODUCTION Jomo Kenyatta, the founding president of Kenya, passed away in August 1978 after fourteen years as head of state. His successor, Daniel ...»
  31. «OCTOBER 2014 About the OECD The OECD is a forum in which governments compare and exchange policy experiences, identify good practices in light of ...»
  33. «From: Mike Duignan 18th April 2011 Date: Re: Consultation on possible revised structure of the ISE Listing Regime _ Introduction On 6 April 2010, the ...»
  34. «JOURNAL OF CRITICAL SOUTHERN STUDIES Volume 3, Winter 2015. Editorial Board Editor: Dr Momodou Sallah, De Montort University. E: msallah@dmu.ac.uk ...»
  35. «Abstract Why has fact-checking spread so quickly within U.S. political journalism? The practice does not appear to diffuse organically at a state or ...»
  36. «Jean Paul Simon and Marc Bogdanowicz Report EUR 25692 EN European Commission Joint Research Centre Institute for Prospective Technological Studies ...»
  37. «GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS AND GUIDELINES: The Worcester Police Department while mandated for the protection of the public also recognizes the impact of ...»
  38. «Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use, available at ...»
  39. «by Krysha Dawn Gregorowicz A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Communication) ...»
  40. «A Dissertation Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of the Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College in partial fulfillment of ...»
  41. «The Faulty Legal Arguments Behind Immigration Detainers by Christopher Lasch, Esq. December 2013 THE FAULTY LEGAL ARGUMENTS BEHIND IMMIGRATION ...»
  42. «Stephen C. Hubbard; Marie E. McVeigh Stephen C. Hubbard Senior Editor, Journal Citation Reports Marie E. McVeigh Director, JCR and Bibliographic ...»
  43. «УДК 342.951.746.1 Маздогова Заира Зауровна Mazdogova Zaira Zaurovna кандидат политических наук, PhD ...»
  44. «Carlos Holguín, General Counsel Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law 256 S. OCCIDENTAL BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CA 90057 213/388-8693; fax: ...»
  45. «by Monique Mawhinney B.S. in Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1993 M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh, 1999 Submitted to the Graduate ...»
  46. «COMBATING CORRUPTION IN TANZANIA’S PUBLIC SERVICE: SUCCESSES AND CHALLENGES Dr. Mujwahuzi Njunwa Associate Professor of public policy and ...»
  47. «NatioNal Park Service New emPloyee/SuPerviSor orieNtatioN HaNdbook NOTICE This handbook is for informational purposes only; it is not a policy ...»
  48. «EFFECTIVE LEGAL AND PRACTICAL MEASURES TO COMBAT CORRUPTION IN IRAQ Chemen Bajalan* I. INTRODUCTION Corruption acts as a major deterrent to growth ...»
  49. «Table of Contents Chapter 1: Why Develop a Policy Manual? Chapter 2: Getting Started What is a Policy? The Connection between Mission and Policy ...»
  50. «May 2014 1. General Questions 1.1 What is open access? 1.2 What are ‘Green’ and ‘Gold’ open access? 1.3 Do open access models have an impact ...»
  51. «Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Engineered Panelized Walls: Two Case Studies PATH (Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing) is a new ...»
  52. «Alessandro Pellegata and Vincenzo Memoli Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Milan Preliminary draft. Please do not quote ...»
  53. «Briefing on immigration detention for Scottish MPs About Scottish Detainee Visitors (SDV) SDV is an independent charity based in Glasgow that seeks ...»
  54. «Understanding Immigration Detainers: An Overview for State Defense Counsel1 March 2011 Table of Contents Introduction...3 Immigration Detainers ...»
  55. «Multi-isotope analysis and the reconstruction of prey species palaeomigrations and palaeoecology BRITTON, KATE,HELENA How to cite: BRITTON, ...»
  56. «Facing the Human Rights Challenge of Prisoners’ and Detainees’ Hunger Strikes at the Domestic Level: Guidance for Policy-Makers, Government ...»
  57. «American Bar Association Commission on Immigration The American Bar Association Commission on Immigration grants permission for the copying of this ...»
  58. «Report International Investigative Mission Palestinian Detainees in Israel: Inhuman Conditions of Detention (17-22 February 2003) 1. Introduction: ...»
  59. «GLOBAL ACTION AGAINST The Merida Papers United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Global Action against Corruption The Merida Papers Side events at ...»
  60. «Assessing Conditions for Influence of Interest Groups in the EU Irina Michalowitz Reihe Politikwissenschaft Political Science Series Assessing ...»
  61. «Three Worlds of Compliance or Four? The EU15 Compared to New Member States Gerda Falkner and Oliver Treib Reihe Politikwissenschaft Political Science ...»
  62. «In Search of the Worlds of Compliance: Promises and Pitfalls of Quantitative Testing Gerda Falkner, Miriam Hartlapp, Simone Leiber, Oliver Treib ...»
  63. «The European Union as a System of Differentiated Integration: Interdependence, Politicization and Differentiation Frank Schimmelfennig1, Dirk Leuffen ...»
  64. «Institutional Theory: Problems and Prospects B. Guy Peters Reihe Politikwissenschaft Political Science Series Institutional Theory: Problems and ...»
  65. «Date of issue: 03/25/2010 Revision : F Table of Contents System Description 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Company Quality Policy 3.0 Organization Charts 4.0 ...»
  66. «Soldier Photography of Detainee Abuse in Iraq: Digital Technology, Human Rights and the Death of Baha Mousa Downloaded from hrlr.oxfordjournals.org ...»
  67. «Congressional Research Service 7-5700 www.crs.gov R43599 Unaccompanied Alien Children: An Overview Summary In FY2014, the number of unaccompanied ...»
  68. «Abstract: The global financial crisis underscored the importance of regulation and supervision to a wellfunctioning banking system that efficiently ...»
  69. «Abstract We study how to optimally attract new customers using a referral program. Whenever a consumer makes a purchase, the firm gives her a link ...»
  70. «Congressional Research Service 7-5700 www.crs.gov RL32369 CRS Report for Congress Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress Immigration-Related ...»
  71. «Congressional Research Service 7-5700 www.crs.gov RL33655 CRS Report for Congress Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress Interrogation of ...»
  73. «Investment Funds & Structured Products Branch February 17, 2016 Table of Contents Introduction 1. Key Policy Initiatives 1.1 Mutual Fund Fees 1.2 ...»
  74. «A Dissertation Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of the Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College in partial fulfillment of ...»
  75. «The human rights situation in Saudi Arabia continued to be dire throughout 2011, as the government adopted policies to stifle and repress the type of ...»
  76. «The Coalition Agreement committed the Government to ending child immigration detention. This led to the Government developing a new policy on family ...»
  77. «ARTICLES Measuring Media Plurality in the United Kingdom: Policy Choices and Regulatory Challenges Rachael Craufurd Smith and Damian Tambini* 1. ...»
  78. «Minimization of waste from uranium purification, enrichment and fuel fabrication October 1999 The originating Section of this publication in the IAEA ...»
  79. «* Professor of Law and Prichard Wilson Chair in Law and Public Policy, University of Toronto. I thank Audrey Macklin for helpful comments on an ...»
  80. «The Audacity of Post-Racism By Adam Mansbach Published in The Speech: Race and Barack Obama's 'A More Perfect Union,’ (Bloomsbury, 2009), edited by ...»
  81. «The Construction of Intimate Partner Woman Abuse in Alberta’s Child Protection Policy and the Impact on Abused Mothers and their Children by Kendra ...»
  82. «I. PURPOSE AND SCOPE. This Detention Standard prevents harm to the general public, detainees, and staff by ensuring that vehicles used for ...»
  83. «Human Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world. We stand with victims and activists to prevent ...»
  84. «WHY ANTI-CORRUPTION CRUSADES OFTEN FAIL TO WIN LASTING VICTORIES Introduction Thank you for inviting me to participate at the Anti-Corruption Summit ...»
  85. «Getting Away with Torture? Command Responsibility for the U.S. Abuse of Detainees Executive Summary Recommendations I. Official Sanction of Crimes ...»
  86. «The Harvard community has made this article openly available. Please share how this access benefits you. Your story matters. Matthew Stephenson, ...»
  87. «James D. Fearon Department of Political Science Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305 email: jfearon@stanford.edu DRAFT – Comments appreciated ...»
  88. «Foreword Ulla Carlsson Children, Young People and Media Globalisation: Introduction Cecilia von Feilitzen Children, Globalization, and Media Policy ...»
  89. «Paper for Presentation at Princeton IR Faculty Colloquium February 17, 2014 ∗ I am grateful to Yuen Yuen Ang, Lucy Goodhart, Isabela Mares, Yotam ...»
  90. «Abstract: The impact of the accession to the European Union on the democratic quality of the post-communist member states was intensively discussed ...»
  91. «100 years of educational reforms in Europe: a contextual database Christelle Garrouste European Commission - Joint Research Centre (EC-JRC), ...»
  92. «PhD THESIS Politics, Media and Journalism in Greece By Antonis Skamnakis I hereby certify that this material, which I h a w submit for assessment on ...»
  93. «Brussels, 23.7.2014 SWD(2014) 255 final PART 1/3 COMMISSION STAFF WORKING DOCUMENT IMPACT ASSESSMENT Accompanying the document Communication from the ...»
  94. «CFSP, defence and flexibility Antonio Missiroli Antonio Missiroli is a research fellow at the Institute for Security Studies of WEU. Institute for ...»
  95. «Diana Owen Georgetown University Suzanne Soule Center for Civic Education Rebecca Chalif Georgetown University Paper prepared for presentation at the ...»
  96. «SUMMA POLITICAL FRIENDSHIP AND LEGAL RELATIONSHIP JÁNOS FRIVALDSZKY Sergio Cotta conceives of the “closedness” of political relationships ...»
  97. «Jens Nordvig New York Chicago San Francisco Athens London Madrid Mexico City Milan New Delhi Singapore Sydney Toronto Contents ix Preface xiii ...»
  98. «Women in Executive Positions Barriers and Bridges Gender Equality Back Next Back Next Women in Executive Positions Barriers and Bridges Heidelberg, ...»
  99. «Findings 1. The European Research Area (ERA) is characterized by a high degree of diversity in terms of national public research systems expressed in ...»
  100. «Martin Kramer THE WASHINGTON INSTITUTE FOR NEAR EAST POLICY All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this publication ...»
  101. «A Policy Review Research and Innovation EUROPEAN COMMISSION Directorate-General for Research and Innovation Directorate B — Open Innovation and ...»
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