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«CWU MUSIC LIBRARY WIND DISCOGRAPHY (ON CD) Updated November 28, 2012 First Edition: STACIE KUDAMATSU Second Edition: CHRISTINE JOLLEY Third Edition: ...»

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Updated November 28, 2012




Fourth Edition: JEFF VOGEL

Fifth Edition: BIRKIN OWART



Seventh Edition: GUS LABAYEN A.) MIXED WINDS G.) CORNET/ TRUMPET (p.135) B.) FLUTE (p. 56) H.) HORN (p. 148) C.) OBOE (p. 88) I.) TROMBONE (p.166) D.) CLARINET (p. 97) J.) BARITONE/ EUPHONIUM (p.179) E.) BASSOON (p.118) K.) TUBA (p. 188) F.) SAXOPHONE (p. 127) CD-3878 6 SONATE A DUE HAUTBOIS ET BASSON ZELENKA: Sonata No. 1 in F major, ZELENKA: Sonata No. 2 in G minor, ZELENKA: Sonata No. 3 in B flat major ZELENKA: Sonata No. 4 in G minor, ZELENKA: Sonata No. 5 in F major, ZELENKA: Sonata No. 6 in C minor CD-1368 THE AIR FORCE BAND OF THE MIDWEST: Aiming High.

BARRICK: Don't Have to Try.

BERLIN: Blue Skies.

CATINGUB: Battle of the Bop Brothers.


FUCIK: Florentiner March.

GOODWIN: Those Magnificent Men.

HANKINS: Bluegrass of Kentucky. Our Lives are Changing.

HANKINS/ STEVENS: Burn the Bridge.

HENLEY/ SILBAR: Wind Beneath My Wings.

McCARTHY: Interlochen Fanfare.

McHUGH/ KOEHLER: Aiming High.

RODGERS: Falling In Love with You.

SCHEIDT: The Battle.

UNKNOWN: Everyday, I Have the Blues. I Dig Rock and Roll Music. St. James Infirmary.

WILLIAMS: Air Force Time.

CD-1367 THE AIR FORCE BAND OF THE MIDWEST: An Evening In ` December.

ANDERSON: Sleigh Ride.

BEAL/ BOOTHE MARKS: Jingle Bell Rockin'.

BERLIN: White Christmas.

DAVIS: Traditions of Christmas.

GANNON/ KENT/ RAM: I'll Be Home for Christmas.

HANBY: Up On a Housetop.

LEONTOVICH: Carol of the Bells.

MARKS: I Heard the Bells.

NELSON/ ROLLINS: Frosty the Snowman.

PARTON: With Bells On.

RAVEN: Thank God for Kids.

TORME: The Christmas Song.

TRADITIONAL: Christmas Crackers.

Carol Fantasy. Auld Lang Syne.

WALKER: An Evening in December.

WILSON: The Little St. Nick.

–  –  –

CD-2796 AUSTIN, LARRY: CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 27.

Quadrants: Event/Complex No. 1 (North Texas Wind Symphony).

CD-1361 BAKSA, ROBERT: Octet - Nonet.

Octet for Woodwind Instruments. Nonet: Chamber Concerto.

Bronx Arts Ensemble.

–  –  –


Naibh Beags/Nyvaigs. Earthtones. Geodha. Three Highbrows We. The Enchanted Glen. Blue Waters. Nobody Told Me.

–  –  –

CD-2651 BRAZELTON, KITTY: Chamber Music for the Inner Ear Come Spring (Manhattan Brass Quintet).

Sonata for the Inner Ear (The California EAR Unit).

–  –  –

CD-2425 HARRIS, ROY: Harris Conducts Harris.

Concerto for Amplified Piano, Brass, String Basses and Percussion (Members of the US Air Force Academy Band).

–  –  –

CD-3946 KILPATRICK, BARRY M. American Music for Euphonium.

Wilder: concerto for euphonium and wind orchestra Luckhardt: octet for brass

–  –  –

CD-2601 KORTE, KARL: A Retrospective.

Matrix for woodwind quintet, piano, saxophone and percussion (New York Woodwind Quintet; Albert Hamme, saxophone).

–  –  –

CD-2255 LONDON, EDWIN: American Masters Series.

Brass Quintet (James Darling, John Brndiar, tpts. Richard Solis, horn. James DeSano, trbn. Ronald Bishop, tuba.).

–  –  –

CD-3501 NORTH TEXAS WIND SYMPHONY: COMPOSER’S COLLECTION PERCY ALDRIDGE GRAINGER: Children’s March ‘Over the Hills and Far Away’, Irish Tune from County Derry, Shepherd’s Hey, Colonial Song, The Immovable Do, Prelude in the Dorian Mode, Themes from ‘Green Bushes’, Down Longford Way, The Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol, Ye Banks and Braes O’Bonnie Doon, Six Dukes Went A-Fishin’, Early One Morning, Lincolnshire Posy, ‘Lads of Wamphray’ March, Irish Tune, Molly on the Shore, Australian Up-Country Tune, Handel in the Strand, O Mensch Bewein’ Dein’ Sunde Gross, Country Gardens, Shenandoah, ‘The Gumsuckers’ March, Harvest Hymn, The Warriors.


Second Prelude, Fantasy Variations on George Gershwin’s Second Prelude`, J.S. Dances, J’ai ete au bal, Variations on an American Cavalry Song, Bum’s Rush, Southern Harmony, The Baron’s.

CD-3508 NORTH TEXAS WIND SYMPHONY: COMPOSER’S COLLECTION PAUL HINDEMITH: Symphony in B-flat, Kammermusik No. 5, Op. 36, No. 5, Konzertmusik, Op. 41, Geschwindmarsch, Symphonic Metamorphosis on thmes by Carl Maria von Weber.

–  –  –

CD-3532 NORTH TEXAS WIND SYMPHONY: COMPOSER’S COLLECTION JOSEPH SCHWANTNER: From A Dark Millennium, In Evening’s Stillness…, …And the Mountains Rising Nowhere, Percussion Concerto, Recoil.

CD-3450 NORTH TEXAS WIND SYMPHONY: COMPOSER’S COLLECTION RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS: English Folk song Suite, Five Variations of ‘Dives and Lazarus’, Scherzo alla Marcia, Flourish for Wind Band, Two Movements from England’s Pleasant Land, Flourish for Glorious John, Rhosymedre, Toccata Marziale, The Running Set, The Lark Ascending, Sea Songs, Linden Lea, Sine Nomine, Variations for Wind Band.

–  –  –

CD-998 RIEGGER, WALLINGFORD: Music of Wallingford Riegger.

Concerto for Piano and Woodwind Quintet, Op.53. Music for Brass Choir, Op.45. Movement for Two Trumpets, Trombone, and Piano, Op.66. Nonet for Brass, Op.49.

CD-2650 ROUSE, CHRISTOPHER: Passion Wheels Rotae Passionis (Susan Rotholz, flute; Allen Kay, clarinet)

–  –  –

CD-2405 STRAVINSKY, IGOR Octet for Wind (John Grant, flute. John Cushing, clarinet. Julian Roberts, Allen Geddes, bassoon. John Gracie, Marcus H Pope, trumpet. Lance V Green, Alastair Sinclair, trombone).

CD-4038 THE FRENCH CONNECTION Concerto for flute, strings, bassoon & continuo in G CD-2662 THOMPSON, VIRGIL: Chamber Works.

Sonata de Chiesa (Michael Dumouchel, Eb Clarinet; James Stubbs, trumpet; Joseph Anderer, horn; Nathan Durham, trombone).

CD-2238 THORNE, FRANCIS: American Masters Series.

Lyric Variations No. 2: Boehm Quintet (clarinet, flute, oboe, horn bassoon, with percussion)

–  –  –

CD-1119 VILLA-LOBOS, HEITOR: Choros de Chambre. Le Chant du Monde Choros No.2, pour Flute et Clarinette. Choros No.3, Picapau, pour 8 Instruments et Choeur Masculin. Choros No.4, pour 3 Cors et Trombone. Choros No.7, pour 8 Instruments. Quintette en Forme de Choros, pour Flute, Hautbois, Clarinette, Cor et Basson.

CD-1135 WALTON, SIR WILLIAM: Facade - London Mozart Players.

Facade (Edith Sitwell). Edith Sitwell Poems.

–  –  –

CD-3890 ZERKEL, DAVID. American music for tuba.

Gillingham: diversive elements for eupohonium and tuba CD-91 ADAMS: Grand Pianola Music.

STEVE REICH: Vermont Counterpoint.

–  –  –

CD-181 BACH, C.P.E.: Flotensonaten. ECKART HAUPT. Capriccio 10 101.

Sonatas for Flute and Continuo, WQs 134, 124, 127, 129, 128,133.

–  –  –

CD-183 BACH, C.P.E.: The Flute Concertos, Vol.2. Capriccio 10 105.

Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in B flat major, WQ 167/ H 435, Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in G major, WQ 169/ H 445.

CD-184 BACH, C.P.E.: 4 Sonatas for Flute and Harpsichord.

Sonatas Nos.1-4, WQs 83-86.

–  –  –

CD-2264 BROWN, EARL: American Masters Series Times Five (Govert Jurriaanse, flute. Arthur Moore, trombone).

Novara (Govert Jurriaanse, flute. John Floore, trumpet. Harry Sparnaay, bass clarinet).

–  –  –

CD-3876 CHENOWETH, RICHARD. Flights of Imagination, Steven Winteregg.

Divertimento Flute, Horn and Double-bass Vignettes Flute, Horn and piano

–  –  –

CD-2899 CONCERTOS FOR FLUTE AND ORCHESTRA. Erato REINECKE: Concerto for flute and orchestra, op. 283 MERCADANTE: Concert for flute and string orchestra, op. 57 ROMBERG: Concerto for flute and orchestra, op. 30

–  –  –

CD-1184 GIULIANI, MAURO: Music for Flute and Guitar, Vol.2.

Grande Serenade, Op.82. Variations, Op.84. 18 Divertimenti Notturni, Op.86. Serenade, Op.127.

CD-1271 GIULIANI, MAURO: Music for Flute and Guitar, Vol.3.

Grand Potpourri, Op.53. Pieces faciles et agreables, Op.74.

Potpourri tire de l'Opera Tancredi, Op.76. Six Variations, Op.81.

Gran Pot-Pourri, Op.126.

CD-3158 GRAF, PETER-LUKAS: Romantic Flute Concertos.

REINECKE: Ballade for flute and orchestra, op. 288 REISSIGER: Concertino in D major for flute and orchestra, op. 60 REINECKE: Concerto in D major for flute and orchestra, op. 283

–  –  –

CD-2317 LeBARON, ANNE: Sacred Theory of the Earth.

Solar Music for flute and harp (Amy Porter, flutes). Telluris Theoria Sacra for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, and two percussion (Amy Porter, flute. Ted Gurch, clarinet). Sachamama for flute, alto flute, and tape (Amy Porter, flutes).

–  –  –

CD-2256 LUENING, OTTO: Songs of Otto Luening.

Ach! Wer Bringt Die Schoenen Tage (Susan Palma-Nidel, flute).

CD-2395 MAGGIO, ROBERT: Riddles.

Fluano Pianute (Bart Feller, flute). Phoenix (Tara Helen O’Connor, David Fedele; flute).

CD-2653 MAMLOK, URSULA: American Masters Series.

Variations for Solo Flute (Samuel Baron, flute).

Stray Birds (Harvey Sollberger, flute).

–  –  –

CD-957 PROKOFIEV, SERGEI: Flute Sonata, Five Melodies, Vision Fugitives.

Five Melodies, Op.35. Sonata in D Major for Flute and Piano, Op.94. Visions Fugitives, Op.22.

–  –  –


Flute Concerto (Carol Wincenc, flute).

CD-2649 ROUSE, CHRISTOPHER: American Adagios Anhran from Flute Concerto (Carol Wincenc, flute)

–  –  –

CD-3801 SHLAYEVA, OLGA. Walter Piston Chamber Music.

Quintet for flute and string quartet CD-1058 SIMS, EZRA: The Microtonal Music of Ezra Sims.

Flight for Flute and Electronic Sound.

–  –  –

CD-2238 THORNE, FRANCIS: American Masters Series.

Flute Sonatina (Harvey Sollberger).

CD-2604 TOENSING, RICHARD: Flute Concertos of Angels and Shepards.

Concerto for Flutes and Wind Ensemble (Leon Buyse, flutes).

Concertos for Flutes and Orchestra (Leon Buyse, flutes).

–  –  –

CD-2239 VAN VACTOR, DAVID: American Masters Series.

Concerto a Quattro for Three Flutes and Harp (Willy Schmidt, Werner Peschke, Karl-Hermann Seyfried, Hessian Symphony Orchestra). Sonatina for Flute and Piano (Keith Bryan). Pastorale and Dance (David Van Vactor, Hessian Symphony Orchestra).

CD-74 VERDERY, BENJAMIN: Towns and Cities.

Dennis, Massachusetts for Flute and Guitar.

CD-1119 VILLA-LOBOS, HEITOR: Choros de Chambre. Le Chant du Monde.

Choros No.2, pour Flute et Clarinette.

CD-1120 VILLA-LOBOS, HEITOR: L'OEuvre pour Guitare. Le Chant du Monde.

Distribution de Fleurs pour Guitare et Flute.

–  –  –

CD-1131 VIVALDI, ANTONIO: Il Cimento, Op.8 - Vol.II.

Concerto in D for Transverse Flute, Op.44, No.7 RV 429.

CD-2729 VIVALDI, ANTONIO Flute Concerto in a (Elissa Berardi, flute).

–  –  –

CD-2485 BAROQUE FESTIVAL: Farina - Widmann - Corelli.

ANTONIO VIVALDI: Concerto for Oboe and Strings in A minor CD-3797 BAXTRESSER, JEANNE: Chamber Music for Flute.

Dring: trio for flute, oboe and piano

–  –  –

CD-3806 BUYSE, LEONE. Rivier revisited.

Capriccio for woodwind quintet CD-2399 CAGE, JOHN: A Chance Operation: the John Cage Tribute.

OREGON: Chance/Choice (Paul McCandless, oboe, bass clarinet, sopranino saxophone).

–  –  –

CD-2382 DALLAS CHAMBER PLAYERS: Carl Reinke Trios.

REINKE, CARL: Trio in A-minor, Op. 188 for Piano, Oboe and Horn (Eric Barr, oboe. Gregory Hustis, horn).

–  –  –

CD-1099 HANSON, HOWARD: Symphony No.4/ Serenade/ Lament.

Pastorale for Oboe, Harp, and Strings.

CD-363 HAYDN: Concertos for Flute and Oboe.

Concerto for Flute, Oboe, Strings, and 2 Horns Nos.1-5.


Concerto da camera for flute, cor anglais, and string orchestra.

–  –  –

CD-2280 ORCHESTRA 2001: Chant des Rochers.

STUCKY, STEPHEN: Double Concerto for Violin, Oboe, and Chamber Orchestra (Dorothy Freeman, oboe).

FINKO, DAVID: Fromm Septet (Dorothy Freeman, oboe. Arne Running, clarinet. Allison Herz, bass clarinet).

–  –  –

CD-2350 STOCKHOLM CONCERT BAND: Russian Concert Band Music.

RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, NIKOLAI: Variations for Oboe and Military Band.

–  –  –

CD-3807 WHITE, JOANNA COWAN: Flights of Fancy.

Rutter: Three American miniatures for flute and clarinet Arnold: Divertimento for flute, oboe and clarinet

–  –  –

CD-3798 ATHENA ENSEMBLE: Claude Debussy Chamber Music Premiere Rapsodie for clarinet and piano Petite piece for clarinet and piano

–  –  –

CD-2664 BERMEL, DEREK: Soul Garden.

Coming Together, Theme and Absurdities, Mulatash Stomp, Schizm (Derek Bermel, clarinet).


Melencolia 1 for Clarinet, Harp, and 2 String Orchestras.


DAVID OLAN: Composition for Clarinet and Tape.

–  –  –

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