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«Voice Village of the A Newsletter for and by the residents of Town Center Village Happy Birthday to the USA July 4, 2016 LANDSCAPE COMMITTEE PLOTS ...»

Happy Valley, OR Vol 2 Issue 7 July 2016

Voice Village

of the

A Newsletter for and by the residents of Town Center Village

Happy Birthday to the USA July 4, 2016


Roses, irises, birch trees, oh my! So much beauty surrounds us on our home campus and we want to

preserve and enhance it. To this end, about a dozen residents gathered in June with Sam and Shirley of the Vitality Department to create a Landscape Committee. This committee is being tasked with evaluating the entire campus landscape and proposing ideas and plans for improvements.

Many concerns about trouble spots and ideas to create an even more attractive environment were brought to the table. Sources of funds for equipment and material may be requested from management and /or the resident association. The maintenance department can be asked to help with heavy labor.

Collaboration with our current landscape contractor can insure that grounds maintenance is not overlooked or duplicated.

In an upcoming meeting, the committee plans to obtain a map of the grounds, organize its members and plot out plans on how to proceed. All residents are invited to join. No green thumbs are necessary. What is welcome is a desire to enhance our natural environment and a willingness to work together to help make it a reality.

And Speaking of Landscaping…….. Plans are in the making for the dead birch trees in the Gables court area to be removed for safety and esthetic reasons.

A small group of residents have been contributing their time and energy in beautifying our campus. We

owe these hard-working unsung heroes a debt of gratitude:

Happy Valley, OR Vol 2 Issue 7 July 2016 Johanna Mayer enjoys getting her hands in the dirt. She is responsible for the attractive patch of flowers just inside and to the left of the back gate along the Terrace often giving tired or dying plants a second life.

Charlotte Graber built a planter box in the back area of the footpath with help from family and has tended various herbs, foliage plants and flowers for several years. She also has planted colorful impatiens most recently in the Gable court area.

Al Lauck not only dead-headed the rose bushes last season resulting in a beautiful burst of color this spring but has also divided the iris clumps and replanted them in various bare spots. We should enjoy the results next spring. Karen Taira. Terrace


With the floral exhibit in Pioneer Square in mind, Life Enrichment Director Shirley planned a trip for residents of TCV. We would leave by bus to the Max station and take the train downtown to see the flower show and return. Three days before the trip meteorologists predicted a heat wave, with the temperature reaching over 100 in downtown Portland. Shirley wisely made a change of plans. Why not a trip to Timberline Lodge? The mountain is always cooler. Right?

So at 1PM 22 happy travelers got on the bus with driver Mike. He had the air conditioning on with soothing music playing. We crossed over the freeway, up Sunnyside Road, into Boring, the picturesque sister city of Dull, Scotland, and on through Sandy. With each turn of the road we had glimpses of the beautiful snow covered mountain, and were getting closer and closer, when the music on the bus changed to” beep-beep-beep.” Mike pulled over, turned off the air conditioning and the motor and got out of the bus. He was seen talking on his cell phone and reappeared with bottles of water and the news that the bus was overheating and we would wait awhile. The day was sunny and bright, not a cloud in the sky, not a bit of breeze. The weathermen were right about the heat wave. It was warm even on the mountain!

Flashing red and blue lights!!! The county sheriff appeared. He and Mike conferred. We fastened our seatbelts again. Mike carefully backed the bus down the grade for ¼ mile. Those seated on the precipice side anxiously peered out the window and could not see the bottom of the drop-off. We got closer and closer to the guard rail! Were we worried? No! We had Mike! With the aid of the sheriff we finally reached a wide safe place for turning the bus. The AC came back on, the bus purred, and the Dairy Queen in Rhododendron appeared. The ice cream was delicious. An exciting afternoon was had by all.

Rosie Thiers, Towers

–  –  –

The Emergency Preparedness Committee met in June conducted by Senior Executive Director Steve Esser. The agenda included handouts of FEMA brochures, a discussion of disaster kits, and the disbursement of preparedness lists to residents. Independent Living Director Wende Summerfield described one kind of emergency kit which is available, and handouts concerning TCV plans for fire and other kinds of emergencies were passed out. The fire walls and sprinkler system are designed to protect each one of the residences, and the alarm systems are designed to alert help so that quick responses will protect us all. In case of fire stay in your apartment. Instructions will come, as well as help if needed.

One of the items of the agenda concerned the responsibilities of residents and the responsibilities of TCV in an emergency. While the staff would do everything possible to help in an emergency, the responsibility of each resident in the independent living apartments is to independently plan what to do in an

emergency. Here are some things which you can do now:

It is recommended that each resident speak to family members about an emergency plan. This plan would include whom TCV would contact with information about the situation here, and the plan should also include where you would go if you had to leave this area after an emergency. If there are no geographically close family members, consider some kind of buddy system with other residents or church or local friends for a contact point nearby. When you have made some sort of plan, add that to your emergency information which TCV has on file. Be sure that all the information in that file is up to date.

There are information sheets in the office to help you do this. TCV also has a list of the emergency supplies which you should consider having in your apartment. All above -mentioned handouts are available at the office.

While the chances of an emergency may be slight, it is important to be prepared.

Rosie Thiers, Towers A Corner on Humor

–  –  –

play with her parrot. After living in a house where both the house and the yard required attention, she is happy here where most work is done by others. She really enjoys her quiet time but doesn’t want people to think she is anti-social.

When I asked her what she didn’t like she said, “I don’t like people probing for information.” So I shut up.

Mary Frances Ryan has lived at TCV in the Fountains for four years. She went to St. Mary’s High School then got a teaching degree from Marylhurst College and taught high school in Vale, OR. She was not enthusiastic about teaching. While her friends suggested moving to San Francisco, she came back to Portland and became a social worker. After awhile her friends talked her into moving to San Francisco where she also did social work.

Mary Francis took a Civil Service test and qualified for a job in the San Francisco public library. She enrolled at the University of Washington and earned a masters degree in library science. In 1969 she returned to Portland to live with her mother. She worked for the Clackamas County Library for eight years. She then worked many different jobs for the Catholic Archdiocese, eventually being hired as a secretary to Bishop Paul Waldsmith. She has a six-foot-tall god-child who was a teacher but now is a fireman (firewoman?) Her most enjoyable time was taking a trip with her mother to Ireland to see relatives and meet her grandmother for the first time. Mary Francis was very impressed with her 90-year-old grandmother’s energy and ability to meet people and be involved in everything.

She asked her grandmother what her secret was. Her grandmother said, “Outside I’m 90 but inside I’m 25.” I think Mary Frances has that secret down pat.

–  –  –

Flash Gordon: Escape From Planet Mongo Fitness Game The Flash Gordon fitness game that began in June 2015 has come to an end. This fitness game had participants exercising to move themselves around a game board set in the Flash Gordon universe.

Participants moved themselves along the game board by exercising. For every minute they worked out they moved one “game mile” on the board. The story behind the game was that participants had crash landed on the planet Mongo ruled by the evil overlord Ming the Merciless.

The object of the game was to visit the different planets (Sky City, Frigia and Arboria) where they would pick up parts to repair their spaceship. After visiting all the planets, participants would then make their way to the launch platform so they could return to earth. Each planet they visited earned them a $5.00 gift card. Prizes were awarded to all the participants at the June resident meeting. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the game.

Gift Card Winners: $5.00 Gift Card: Lorraine Brown, Laila Luft; $10.00 Gift Card: Richard Chan, Gene Crumpton, Charlotte Finke, Duncan Kline, $15.00 gift card: Madie Chan, Diane Klingman, Betty Seymour, Chuck Seymour, Jerry Thiers, $20.00 Gift Card (Game finishers): Marge Congress, Betty Hirota, Stan Hirota, Mary Litch, Joe Mantia, Gladys Spitze, Eleanor Williams, Mickey Williamson.

Jerry Thiers, Towers Happy Valley, OR Vol 2 Issue 7 July 2016


The Conchords Chorale has been in existence for over 30 years. It is a coed community choir of about 45 singers, based in Tualatin, Oregon. The youngest member is 20, and the oldest is 85. Rehearsals are held every week from September through April at Tualatin High School.

Artistic Director Don Anderson has been directing the choir for 11 years. Don has an extensive musical background, including teaching high school choir, directing the Army Choir in Europe, being a professional soloist and voice teacher.

A non-profit whose mission is to provide music to seniors, the Chorale’s goal is to sing songs familiar to almost all of their audiences. They perform about 10 Christmas shows and 10 spring shows. They have been coming to Town Center Village to perform for at least 15 years, and have developed an enthusiastic following among the residents. They also do 4-5 public shows every year to help cover expenses. At least two of those shows are always at The Old Church in downtown Portland.

A sub-group of the chorale, called "Trouble with Trebles" is the women's double trio that performed at TCV on Mother's Day and on Father's Day, and will return on November 13th at 2:30pm for a Veteran's Day show.

–  –  –

Because lint accumulation in the ducts between individual units to the outside is a fire hazard, its removal was completed in the Towers and Gables in May. Similar work is scheduled for late summer or early fall in the Terrace.

The Terrace central hall carpet from the front office around the back to the loading dock is being replaced hopefully this week. New wood vinyl flooring similar to the one in the Fountains entrance is taking its place. Plans after that include second floor re-carpeting in the Towers as well as plank flooring immediately outside the front of the four elevator entries. As this is a large ticket item, details are being worked out to perhaps split the work into July/August.

A replacement for Umpqua Bank has not yet been found. Shuttle service to the nearby branch is being planned to start after our on-site one is closed. From an e-mail from Steve Esser, Senior Executive Director Newsletter staff: Editor, Karen Taira; Assistant Editor, Lori Lauck; Reporters, Bob Kremer, Jerry Thiers, Rosie Thiers; Production, David Leavenworth

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