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«FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) – TABLE OF CONTENTS Note: all applicants are encouraged to contact each individual internship hospital should ...»


Note: all applicants are encouraged to contact each individual internship hospital should they have site specific questions about any information contained herein.


























Cairns Hospital Frequently Asked Questions

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• Anaesthetics/ Intensive Care Unit

• Paediatrics

• Medicine Specialities

• Surgical Specialities

• Psychiatry and ATODS (Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Service)

• Obstetrics and Gynaecology

• Emergency

• PGPPP Placements – Thursday Island Hospital and Health Centre, Mt Sheridan GP Practice, Mulungu Medical Centre & Mareeba Hospital, Mossman Gorge Medical Centre and Mossman Hospital

• Rural Rotations – Cooktown Hospital, Innisfail Hospital, Mareeba Hospital

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Yes - Atherton Hospital and Mareeba Hospital.

Depending on your pathway, PGY2s and PGY3s will have the opportunity to rotate to 7 other rural hospitals and / or GP Practices within the Cairns & Hinterland Health Service District and 1 hospital in each of Torres Strait - Northern Peninsula Hospital and Health Service and the Cape York Hospital and Health Service

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Yes remote call is offered each term to surgery and orthopaedics interns on the After Hours Roster.

After hours roster on-call is split between relievers and any RMO in Medical, Surgical or Orthopaedic term for PGY2 and PGY3.

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Yes, the following usually applies:

Night Ward Call will be covered by rostered PGY2 and PGY3 RMOs.

Evening Medical Ward Call will be covered by Medical rostered PGY1s (with a ‘buddy’ for the first two nights) All evening Surgical Ward Call will be covered by Surgical rostered PGY1s (with a ‘buddy’ for the first two nights) The first 2 weeks on Ward Call (if rostered to Medicine, Surgery or Orthopaedics, we do not put you on Evening Shifts.

Weekend Ward Call shared by all RMO’s as per Unit roster with the exception of ED.

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Does your facility provide educational sessions? If yes, what type of educational sessions and how often would they occur?

Educational sessions are as follows:

• Twice weekly facility education programme for interns, including skills workshops.

• Intern presentations

• Grand Rounds/Journal clubs

• RMO specific teaching

• Individual unit/departmental teaching

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Support for Interns are as follows:

The Medical Education Unit provides:

• Formal education program

• Personal and professional support for all junior doctors

• Informal support from registrars and consultants committed to providing quality supervision

• Access to and advice from Director Clinical Training, Medical Education Officers and Administrative support

The Medical Workforce Service provides:

• Access to and advice from Service Director Medical Services

• Access and support from Senior Medical Administration Officers, Rostering & Allocations Officer (PGY1-3), Candidate Care Officer and Liaison Officer.

Junior Medical Management Committee with attendance by RMO members, union representation, DOMS, Medical Education, Rostering and Allocations Officer in order to discuss items of relevance, investigate and solve issues and address queries.

An active RMO Association, with many RMO members.

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Core Terms:

• Medicine: 38-42 hours

• Surgery: 38-40 hours

• Emergency Medicine: 38-40 hours

Elective Terms:

• Obstetrics & Gynaecology 38 hours

• General Medicine: 38-42 hours

• Orthopaedics: 38-45 hours

• Mental Health: 38 hours

• Paediatrics: 38 hours

• Anaesthetics: 38 hours

• Atherton: 38-42 hours (4 hours overtime may be available on occasion)

• Sexual Health: 38 hours You will work a minimum of 38 hours per week and overtime hours vary according to the departments’ specific requirements.

–  –  –

Leave options will be as follows:

• 5 weeks per year.

• Five week leave blocks are pre-allocated from the beginning of the year. Some 40 Term/leave patterns are available to prospective interns from late 2014 and interns are asked to nominate preferred patterns.

• No leave may be taken during core terms.

–  –  –

Yes, interns are offered the opportunity to indicate leave block preferences. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests however no guarantees can be made. Regardless of the fact that leave is pre-allocated on your roster, you still need to formally apply via the Leave Application form. Any variations need to be discussed with the MEU and Medical Workforce Service.

HECS/HELP Does your facility qualify for the HECS/HELP Reimbursement Scheme?

The HECS Reimbursement Scheme started in 2001. It aims to promote careers in rural medicine and increase the number of doctors in rural and regional areas, through the reimbursement of HECS-HELP fees for standard Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) at Australian universities.

Through the scheme, communities have improved access to health services as more doctors move to work in rural areas.

Participants in the scheme have a proportion of their standard CSP HECS-HELP fees (incurred for medical studies) reimbursed for each year of medical service or training undertaken provided in rural and remote areas of Australia.

Payments under the scheme are scaled according to the remoteness of practice or training locations. This means participants in the most remote locations can have their standard CSP HECSHELP fees reimbursed in as little as 2 years. The Australian Standard Geographical Classification – Remoteness Areas system (ASGC-RA) is used to define eligible areas. ASGC-RA 2-5 locations are eligible for the HECS Reimbursement Scheme. The initial 12 month period must be undertaken continuously in an RA 2-5 location.

To be eligible, graduates must meet ALL criteria listed below:

• be an Australian citizen or hold an Australian permanent resident visa;

• through a CSP have completed an accredited Australian medical course, leading to the award of a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery degree (MBBS) or equivalent;

• have completed their final year of study and obtained their medical degree in the last six years (noting that the initial application must be received within this time frame);

• have provided medical services or undertaken continuous training as defined by the Health Insurance ACT 1973 in an eligible RA 2-5 location, and

• have been a CSP student that incurred a HECS-HELP debt.

If you require further information regarding any aspect of the HECS Reimbursement Scheme, please visit http://www.ruralhealthaustralia.gov.au/internet/rha/publishing.nsf/Content/HECS_Reimbursement_Scheme or contact Medicare Australia on 1800 010 550.

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Yes, furniture, personal effects and private vehicle relocation is arranged through the Medical Workforce Service (all reasonable costs). Excellent relocation support and a dedicated Candidate Care Officer is available to assist with relocation queries. Travel is booked through our Candidate Care Officer, who will be in contact with successful candidates during the latter part of 2014.

–  –  –

• Friendly and supportive Medical Workforce Service and Medical Education Unit

• First class facilities and services

• Medical Officers Common Room

• Multiple food and retail outlets within close proximity

• Car parking - car park on campus (special rates for staff) and secure bicycle lock up with showers and lockers

• Supportive “Buddy” system for interns on Ward Call

• Library on site

• Staff dining room (very popular) or Seabreeze Cafe

• Bus stop outside side street of hospital

• Taxi ranks

• Less than 2 km to Cairns CBD

• RMO Society & Medical Staff Association

• Hospital located directly across from the popular Cairns Esplanade

–  –  –

Undercover Parking - $2.90 per day with multiple entries allowed in a 23hr period. Secure bicycle lock up available with access to showers, toilets and lockers (provide your own lock).

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Lifestyle offered: A “Tropical Paradise”. Beautiful one day & perfect the next and with a culturally diverse population.

Queensland’s premiere tourist destination with access to:

• The Great Barrier Reef – swim, snorkel, dive or fish!

• Glorious beaches

• Stunning National Parks with excellent camping and 4WD’ing facilities

• Atherton Tablelands with diverse range of natural beauty, artists and culinary delights.

• Kuranda with scenic railway, Skyrail and the famous Kuranda Markets

• Popular Green & Fitzroy Islands

• Relaxed Port Douglas & Low Isles

• Cairns Esplanade with lagoon and “Muddies” children’s water park.

• Many sporting facilities and clubs along with extensive walking and hiking tracks located throughout the district.

• A diverse range of activities and festivals for all ages available throughout the year.

• And Cairns – shopping, entertainment, food, nightlife and happy friendly locals.

• Airport with Domestic & International Terminals

• Major sporting events including Triathalons, Marathons and Mountain Bike championship held in region throughout the year.

http://www.cairnstoday.com.au/ http://www.cairns.qld.gov.au/region/tourist-information http://www.cairns-greatbarrierreef.org.au/ What more could you want!

–  –  –

Great location, fantastic hospital with brilliant training opportunities in a supportive environment and exposure to many & varied conditions, people and culture.

Redevelopment due for completion by end of 2014 will bring the total bed numbers to 531, providing increased clinical opportunities in new and expanding services

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