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«Cairns Early Childhood Centre HANDBOOK 2016-17 Contents  A message from the Head of Education  Headteacher’s message  Establishment ethos, ...»

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Cairns Early Childhood Centre

HANDBOOK 2016-17


 A message from the Head of Education

 Headteacher’s message

 Establishment ethos, vision and values

 Establishment information

 Establishment security

 Establishment calendar

 Staff information

 Establishment improvement

 Pre-birth to 3 (ECC only)

 Curriculum 3-18

 Assessment and reporting

 Policies and procedures

 Additional Support for Learning  Transition  Parental involvement  Learning community  Wider community links  Other information  Disclaimer A Message from the Head of Education Thank you for taking the time to read this handbook. In writing the following pages, colleagues are attempting to do two things. The first is to provide you with the information you need so that your child can be given access to all of the services and facilities to which they are entitled. The second purpose is to seek and promote a genuine partnership with you as the main responsible adult in your child’s life. Without that partnership it will not be possible for your daughter or son to take maximum advantage of their education and so to fulfil their potential. Quite simply, we want the best for your child in exactly the same way you do.

My invitation to you is that should you have any doubts about your child’s progress or their entitlement to a service, then you should not hesitate to contact the school or early childhood centre. You are entitled to an explanation of anything that is of concern to you and staff will be very pleased to assist you with an answer to any question you have. All we would ask is that you do this with the courtesy that you yourself would expect.

I know your child will enjoy their time with us and they will learn and progress every day. However old your son or daughter, never be afraid to ask what they were doing today and whether they were having any difficulty or problem that we, or you, can help them with. By our working together in this way, I promise that your child will succeed and will have a great preparation for life.

Kindest regards Alan Ward Headteacher’s message Dear Parent / Carer, Welcome to Cairns Early Childhood Centre. We hope that your child's time at nursery is a happy one and he/she enjoys coming to nursery each day. We look forward to getting to know you and your family so that we can work together in the best interests of yourchild.

If you have any concerns about nursery or any questions about what to expect in the coming year please do not hesitate to ask. We will be more than happy to help. Similarly if you would like to contribute to nursery life in any way we would be delighted to hear from you.

Yours faithfully, Carole Harper Head Teacher

–  –  –

Here at Cairns Early Childhood Centre we aim:

 To provide a safe, caring, happy environment where children are given the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.

 To work in close partnership with parents, children and the wider community.

 To provide the time and space to deal with private matters.

 To provide a stimulating and well balanced curriculum which provides appropriate learning experiences for all through play and encourages children to take the lead in their learning.

 To be responsive to each child's individual needs and treat each child with dignity and respect.

 To promote caring for others, positive attitudes and equal opportunities for lifelong learning.

 To ensure the pace and balance of the day meets the needs of children who attend nursery for more than the statutory three hours ten minutes.

–  –  –

Our aims reflect the key principles of the National Care Standards:Dignity, Privacy, Choice, Safety, Realising Potential, Equality and Diversity. They also reflect the four capacities in the Curriculum for Excellence – successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors These aims are met in a nursery environment where there is a balance between free play and more structured activities; where the children have the opportunity to make informed choices; where our curriculum is underpinned by attention paid to health and wellbeing and much time and effort is invested in ensuring children feel safe and secure; where careful planning ensures that children reach their full potential; where children can have time to rest and be quiet as necessary and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

–  –  –

Successes and Achievements Over the past year children, parents and staff took part in a range of activities that demonstrated the whole hearted involvement and commitment of all those associated with Cairns Early Childhood Centre.

 Our play days for parents introduced them to the Curriculum for Excellence and gave our parents a chance to see first-hand what their child experiences in our centre. We also provided a brief synopsis of literacy and numeracy work for parents of preschool children and a breakdown of the health and wellbeing programme for parents of ante preschool children. We stressed the importance of high attendance to ensure each child was successful at Early Level in the Curriculum for Excellence.

 We have taken part in group moderation sessions with the teaching staff based at Hillhead Primary.

 The Child Smile team successfully delivered their programme of applying fluoride to children’s teeth.

 Our Summer and Christmas concerts were a huge success.

 Our Burns celebrations once again proved popular with children and staff although some children expected Robbie to turn up for his birthday!

 We gave out story sacks to groups of children to support parents in sharing and reading books with their children at home.

 Our annual Obstacle Course raised over £1,243 helping us to pay for resources for outdoors. This was phenomenal support from our families.

 We continued to fund group and centre trips to support the interests of the children.

 We supported Vibrant Communities and the NHS to work in our centre connecting with parents and providing family learning to meet the needs of individual families.

 We have actively tried to encourage all parents to aim for over 90% attendance for their children. Good attendance can have a significant effect attainment.

 We gained Green Flag Status in May 2014.

 We continued to build on our ECO –Schools work and introduced a folder for the children to work with to help the children record and reflect on their own green fingered achievements.

 We have with the aid of Big Lottery Funds installed a great new outdoor climbing frame which the children are enjoying. This structure presents our children with challenge and the need to make safe decisions about their movements. It has been rigorously risk assessed by the staff team but minor injuries may still happen as children get used to outdoor play of this nature.

 We asked our parents /carers to help us to litter pick in the Centre’s campus and help out in our garden as part of or Eco work.

 We have introduced floorbooks into our planning process to make planning more effective and also more visual for children.

 Parents and carers can also access our curriculum fortnightly planning from our entrance notice board.

This piece of work is produced in partnership with all the children. The staff will then follow their interests and ideas in order to make learning engaging and meaningful for every child.

–  –  –

Promoting Positive Behaviour One of our main aims is to promote the social and emotional development of children, to help the formation of stable relationships, to encourage a sense of confidence, independence and self-control.

While children are encouraged to play together and share toys guidelines are given on the standard of behaviour expected. Most children soon learn to follow simple nursery rules and receive lots of praise and encouragement for this. These simple rules are referred to as Our Golden Rules These are our Golden Rules

–  –  –

Speak nicely to our friends Good listening Look after our toys However we are aware that children can be hard work. If your child is displaying unusually difficult behaviour at nursery or at home it is important we discuss this so that we can work together to provide consistency in our approaches to help him/her.

Your help is vital in this area Quality Circle Time We have adopted Circle Time to help further develop positive behaviour strategies as it is aimed at promoting self - confidence and self-esteem in young children. Circle Time takes place when a group of children gather together to form a circle by sitting on chairs or cushions. Within this circle they learn specific rules and skills to enable them to participate fully in Circle Time.

Through Circle Time children learn how to mix with their peers, how to build relationships, take turns and be part of a group. The way in which circle time is organised and the ideas used in it help children to develop good social skills. Circle Time is fun and enables children to "learn through their own discovery and exploration".

Circle Time can also be used to promote positive behaviour.

We have also recently introduced 1, 2, 3 Magic to our teaching practice here at Cairns. This is a simple technique that staff members use to help children learn from their mistakes and modify their own behaviour.

–  –  –

The function of Cairns Early Childhood Centre is to provide early learning and childcare for children aged 3-6 as indicated on our registration certificate. The nursery provides 70 FTE places on a sessional basis and 10 FTE places for wraparound care.

Sessional places are available on a term time basis, Monday – Friday.

–  –  –

Wraparound care is available on a 52 week basis. The service is currently available between 8.30 –

3.50 daily. This meets the demands of the children and families who use this service. Wraparound care is funded by East Ayrshire Council.

Cairns Early Childhood Centre is an open plan building which was established in 1975. The space available allows us to plan for all areas of the curriculum effectively. We ensure the physical play is always available as we firmly believe young children should have opportunities to expend energy in a safe environment.

–  –  –

We have wheelchair access to the front and back of the building. A disabled toilet is situated at the front of the building.

We work with other agencies within the community to put together workshops for parents. These workshops reflect the needs of parents. Other opportunities for parents to become involved in the

nursery include:

. An active parents’ and friends group. As a volunteer helper in the playroom. As a story teller in our book corner. Fit Ayrshire Bairns project. Play Days with your child Meals and snack Most children have a 3 hour 10 min. session at an early year’s establishment therefore meals are not generally provided. However some children may attend on a full day basis and in those circumstances a meal may be provided.

Every child has the opportunity to have a healthy snack during their nursery session. Milk and / or water are provided each day. In order for us to provide this we ask for £2.00 per week, per child. This allows us to purchase fruit, yoghurt, cheese, raisins, savoury biscuits etc. In planning for snack we take into consideration the Nutritional Guidance for Early Years published by the Scottish Government.

Wraparound Care Cairns Early Childhood Centre can provide 10 full time equivalent places for children aged 3 to 5 over a 52 week year. This service is offered to families in the designated pathway areas with a view to allowing parents to access training, further education and employment.

This service can be available from 8.30am until 3.50pm Monday to Friday. This will be dependent on need and the demand for the service.

No service will be available on public holidays or in service days. These dates are available in this handbook.

–  –  –

Enrolment In May/June, after the places have been allocated, parents are given an appointment to come and enrol their child at nursery, and are given further information about nursery. At that time the child and parent are told what group the child will be in when they start nursery, and will meet the member of staff who will have particular responsibility for the child during the following session. Further informal visits to the nursery are recommended to parents.

Ante pre -school children who are due to start nursery January – March are usually enrolled in December.

Positive links with Primary schools Our centre has positive and strong links with 13 transitional primary schools.

–  –  –

Loanhead 01563 522938 Your child will be introduced to their P1 teacher in their Pre- School Year and receive regular visits from their teacher (The ability to release teachers for this varies from school to school and is dependent on staffing.) You and your child will also be invited to visit the primary school that you choose and take part in fun activities to help you and your child feel welcome and confident about starting primary school.

–  –  –

Customer Care Our aim is to provide high quality services to the people we serve. However, we recognise that sometimes things can go wrong. If they do, we want you to tell us so that we can put things right. We will listen and learn from your comments, suggestions or complaints so that we can continually improve our service to you.

We will deal with your complaint as follows:

If you have experienced a problem with a service or have a complaint to make, the quickest way to get it resolved is to talk to the staff responsible for that particular service.

Stage 1: If we cannot resolve your complaint straightaway you can ask the appropriate manager to review your complaint. The manager will aim to provide a response within five working days.

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