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«Dear parents, We are so grateful to begin our eleventh year at Tiny!! The program continues to grow and we are honored to serve the Lake Ray Hubbard ...»

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Dear parents,

We are so grateful to begin our eleventh year at Tiny!! The program continues to

grow and we are honored to serve the Lake Ray Hubbard Community. We are so

privileged that you have chosen this program for you and your family. It is our sincere

desire that your association with our school will be a joyful and rewarding experience.

This handbook has been prepared to help you understand the aims and purposes of our program, to acquaint you in advance with our policies and to promote a good understanding between our school and your home. Please take the time to read it thoroughly and, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. We sincerely hope that through working together, we can give your child a solid foundation to build on for future years.

The Tiny Town Staff appreciates you sharing this part of your child’s life with us. If we can be of any assistance to you, please contact us at anytime.

Because of Christ, Tina McCollum Director 972-771-1942 (church) 214-842-7032 (cell) tmccollum@lakeshorechurch.net Mission and Purpose Tiny Town is a ministry of Lakeshore Church. It is a planned Christian weekday program for children ages three months through Pre-K. Our desire is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, educational and spiritual development of young children.

Our goal is to see the children experience God’s love through loving relationships and a joyful atmosphere. Tiny Town accepts each child as he is, allowing him to grow in his own way, at his own pace, according to his individual needs. Each day we desire to not only teach your children educationally, but we want to teach them how to experience God in their everyday lives.

Curriculum Our teaching staff is dedicated to making the Tiny Town Program a positive learning experience for all age groups.

Our toddlers will learn through Bible stories, lively songs, five senses activities, art and puppets. Daily activities will include opportunities for children to learn colors, shapes, numbers and letters. They will also discover different animals and focus on movement through the use of their large and fine motor skills.

Our classrooms for children age two through four are arranged into play-learning centers.

Children are able to make choices and participate in small group activities. We have a wellplanned curriculum which provides a teaching topic for each week. These topics are divided into themes (fall, winter, etc.), letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and much more.

The activities are organized around the topics using learning centers that include art, home living, finger plays, building blocks, manipulatives, reading and circle time. The daily schedule also includes both vigorous and quiet indoor activities and playscape time.

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is designed to prepare each child for success in kindergarten, and to instill a lifelong love of learning. With an understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness of each child, our experienced and certified teachers provide a developmentally appropriate environment where each child can learn at his/her own pace. Our program provides a variety of experiences which include "learning through play", hands-on exploration, and teacher-led instruction. We focus on building skills in all

areas of development such as:

 Spiritual Growth and Christian Living  Reading Readiness and Language Development  Social and Emotional Development  Fine and Gross Motor Skills  Science and Social Studies  Mathematics  Music and Fine Arts We believe a Christ-centered, high quality Pre-Kindergarten program will pave the way for a continuous success in school, and beyond.

Bible stories and scripture memorization are used throughout the week. The babies and toddlers also enjoy a short Bible Story and songs during their Chapel Time. Students two through four attend a weekly chapel, in the Children’s Sanctuary, where they sing songs and have a interactive Bible Story. The teachers follow up with the Bible Lesson through books, scripture memorization and crafts.

Sample Toddler Daily Schedule

–  –  –

Days September 2, 2014 – Meet the Teacher (half day) September 5, 2014 – May 14, 2015 Tuesdays and Thursdays Time 9:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.

The doors open at 9:00am and the children begin their day with a wonderful learning activity at the table. It is very important for your child to arrive on time. When a child arrives late they not only miss out on planned activities but the classroom interruption is difficult on the other children.

Please sign your child in each day and leave a number where someone can reach you at all times. If you can not be reached we will begin calling the emergency contact numbers for assistance.

Pick-up time is at 2:00pm. If you have more than one child in the program, please arrive early enough to have the last child picked up by 2:00 P.M.

A $5.00 late pick-up fee will be assessed for each child picked up after 2:05 P.M. If a child is not picked up by 2:10pm, they will be brought to the front desk and we will attempt to contact you. An additional $2.00 late fee will then be charged. The late fee will be paid to the front desk, upon picking up your child. This policy must be enforced to allow the teacher adequate time for cleanup responsibilities before retrieving their own children.

We understand that there may be occasions when you might need to talk to your child’s teacher concerning a certain situation or event. When this occurs you may want to make an appointment with the teacher or come a few minutes early.

Registration/ Supply Fees (non-refundable)

–  –  –

Your monthly tuition will remain the same figure each month as it has been amortized over the entire year. Payment is due before the 10th of the month. Please make checks payable to Lakeshore Church. If your child is sick or otherwise does not attend during this time, please mail your payment to Lakeshore Church to avoid a late fee. You are paying for the space reserved, not the child's attendance. Tuition is non-refundable and is due in full each month regardless of absences or holidays. If you know you will not be able pay on time, please contact the Director and set up a plan. The return check charge is $20.00.

If you are late with your payment, a statement will be printed with the charge

added. Please make note of the late charge schedule:

–  –  –

Please understand, if you withdraw your child before the end of the school term, we ask that you continue paying your child’s tuition until his/her spot is filled. This is necessary as Tiny Town desires to be a self-supporting ministry of Lakeshore Church. Space has been made available for your child in his class. Your child’s tuition is to pay the salaries of the teachers hired based upon the teacher/child ratio of each class.

Holidays and Closings Tiny Town will break for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break. These dates are listed below and will be published in the monthly newsletter that will be placed in your child’s take-home folder and emailed to you. In case of Bad Weather Days, please watch your local newscast for Rockwall ISD closings or delays. If they are closed or the schedule is delayed until 10:00am, Tiny Town will do likewise.

–  –  –

Other Important Dates Thanksgiving Break - November 25th & 27th Christmas/New Year - December 19th - January 5th Spring Break – March 10th & 12th Lunches and Snacks Babies ♥ The babies will be provided a “cheerios-like” snack.

♥ For lunch we ask that you send age appropriate baby food.

Toddler ♥ The toddler’s are provided a “goldfish-like” snack. Please send a filled spill-proof cup for snack time. If your child's class has a special snack, the teacher will let you know during sign-in.

♥ A lunch should be brought from home, made up of finger foods that can be served with ♥ little assistance.

♥ Please ensure the items in his/her lunch are not a choking hazard. To minimize choking risks, you should keep the following foods off limits to your toddler, with a few exceptions: hot dogs (unless you cut them lengthwise before cutting them crosswise), hard candies, marshmallows, nuts (especially peanuts), grapes and cherries (unless you remove skin and seeds to reduce the risk), firm cookies or biscuits (preferably the melt in your mouth varieties) and whole apples and carrots (unless you cut them into slivers). Other foods that have a high risk of choking are popcorn, peanut butter by the spoon, beans and chickpeas (unless mashed), raw celery and hard raisins. Even though your child may be able to eat these foods, because of the quantity of children, it is safer not to send them.

♥ Please do not bring foods that are difficult to clean up (i.e.: pizza or taco lunchables, spaghetti, etc.).

2’s through Pre-K ♥ The snack will consist of a goldfish/pretzel-like food. Two’s need to bring a filled spillproof cup for snack time. If your child's class has a special snack, the teacher will let you know during sign-in.

♥ Lunches are to consist of a healthy variety of foods.

♥ Please be aware, that due to peanut allergies, you could be asked not to send peanut items in your child’s lunch. Each classroom will be assessed after school starts.

♥ Please do not bring foods that are difficult to clean up (i.e.: pizza or taco lunchables, spaghetti, etc.).

♥ If you desire to send a dessert, please send a small portion. Children have their rest time after lunch and sugar does not help this process.

General Information for All Ages ♥ We ask that your child’s lunch be in a Tupperware-like dish with separate compartments. This makes it easier for the teachers to serve multiple children.

♥ Water will be available for the children who do not bring a drink.

♥ Please bring drinks that are clear (apple juice, white grape juice, etc.) as we should respect the facilities provided for us by preventing possible stains.

♥ Please be sure your child’s name is on his lunch box, thermos and all containers.

♥ We are unable to serve lunches that need to be heated.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up We ask that the parents do not enter the classroom during drop-off or pick-up times. When bringing your child to Tiny Town, please help your child place their backpack and nap mat in the hallway next to their name and place their lunchboxes in the “Lunch Tub” outside the classroom. This will help your child with an easy drop-off and will assist with the flow of the classroom.

If someone besides yourself is picking up your child, you will need to inform the teacher.

The teacher will check photo ID and the person retrieving your child will need to know the password. If for any reason there is a court order against one of the parents picking up your child, we will need a copy of this.

Daily Folder Your child will be provided with a Daily Folder. In this folder will be classroom work, along with important information for upcoming events. It is very important that you review this folder, each day, with your child. This is Tiny Town’s way of communicating with the families.

Rest Time Birth through 3 years will have a nap time after lunch. Children are not required to sleep, but must lie quietly during rest time so as not to disturb other children who are sleeping.

You will need to bring a blanket or mat from home. Because we do not have the storage space for these items, you may leave them on Tuesdays but we ask that you take them home on Thursday afternoon.

Four-year olds may have a short quiet time after lunch but are not required to bring a blanket or nap mat. Please make sure all items are labeled.

Specials Discovery - Time to explore and discover! This class will focus on math and science concepts. The children will learn through “hands-on” and age- appropriate activities. This will include sorting, matching and hands-on experiments.

Computer - The 2's, 3’s and 4’s classes will go to the Computer Lab at least once week.

We use various computer learning games to help the children with their colors, shapes, numbers, and letters, as well as teaching them basic mouse skills.

Library - Reading is fun here at Tiny Town! Children have the opportunity to attend Library every Tuesday and Thursday. During this time they are able to look at a variety of books and learn about the importance of reading. They are allowed to check out books to take home and then return them on Thursday. This teaches them responsibility and gives them a chance to read their special book with their family on Tuesday or Wednesday night.

Music - Children will attend a special music class where they will learn songs, finger plays and creative body movement. The children will also learn to use rhythm instruments, such as rhythm sticks, bells, etc. Our goal in this class is teach how to worship God with their voices, hands, and hearts.

Chapel - The Chapel program is a very special time for the classes to sing, pray and listen to God's Word, the Bible. Special devotions and stories are shared to show your child God’s plan for their lives as it related from the beginning to the end of the Bible. Your child is taught that he/she is special and that Jesus is his/her friend and wants to be their Savior.

Special Events - We have planned numerous special event-days throughout the year such as Meet the Policeman, Petting Zoo, Pajama Day, Pumpkin Patch and many more days which enhance the planned teaching topics. You will be notified of these events through the Monthly Newsletter and emails.

Scholastic - We are excited about books at Tiny Town!

Through the Scholastic Book Order Forms we give you an opportunity to build your home library for your children.

These books are sold at a discounted price and are age-appropriate. The children love to receive new books and Tiny Town benefits by receiving free books. We host a Scholastic Book Fair in the late fall and spring. Be looking for all of these fun and exciting activities.

–  –  –

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