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«Online Math 160 Elementary Statistics Syllabus Spring Section 8252 B. Elliott Dear Elementary Statistics StudentWelcome to your online math class! ...»

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Online Math 160 Elementary Statistics

Syllabus Spring Section 8252 B. Elliott

Dear Elementary Statistics StudentWelcome to your online math class! I’m looking forward to getting to know each of you throughout the duration of your

class. Please be sure the school is updated with your current information (current email address, current name,

etc.). If the class materials are open and ready to go, please feel free to begin working in the class materials even

before the 1st day of class.

There are a few things that I would like to make sure are clear to everyone. While your class materials (including ebook) are online and your instruction is delivered online, you must come in-person to complete your final exam.

The final exam is the only paper-and-pencil test you will be taking on campus. Since most students taking this class live locally, most of you will make arrangements with me to take the final exam on Monday, May 23rd from 730amth 930am or Tuesday, May 24 from 12pm-2pm. Keep checking your inbox AND the course announcements page for further information. If you do not live locally or it is not possible for you to take the final exam on one of these days you may be able to arrange alternate proctoring accommodations in your local area. You would need to work with me to find yourself an approved alternate proctoring center/arrangement near you. You will need to arrange this by the end of the 1st week of class(April 1) so that the instructor(that would be me) will have time to investigate your proposed proctor and either approve or deny your request. ALL OTHER STUDENTS WILL BE TAKING THE FINAL EXAM ON one of the time/dates given above. You have 2 months to rearrange schedules. Please be responsible.

**Students must be very self-motivated and self-disciplined to succeed in this class. Success in this class depends on your ability to read and follow the written directions in this syllabus, in the announcements posted in your online class materials (by me or by the publisher), and in the emails I send you. You should NOT take this class if you do not have 3-4 hours a day, 7 days a week to dedicate to this class. Taking this class is like having a part-time job and needs to be treated at such. This class requires a high level of reading comprehension ability.

This class has a required online orientation which MUST BE COMPLETED by the end of the night on the first day of instruction (or within 24 hours of adding the class with Admissions and Records if you enroll after the first day of instruction). Please note that part of your mandatory orientation requires you to complete some work in your required online materials (MyStatLab/Course Compass). Therefore, you will not be able to complete the orientation without purchasing your required online materials. If you are not able to purchase the required class materials right now, but you will be able to afford purchasing them before the end of Week 2, please read about the 17-day Temporary Access offered by the publisher.

While I can help you with any content related questions or class procedure related questions, technical questions (related to your computer) need to be sent to MyMathab Technical Support. You can contact Tech Support either via the ‘Help & Support’ link in your online class materials (top-right) or by phone at 1-800-677- 6337. If you encounter technical difficulties which you cannot solve immediately (or within 24-hours if there are no assignments due that day), you need to plan to come to campus and use the computers in the STEM center. All Homework, Quizzes and Tests in this class count towards your grade – none are dropped. Although the bulk of your learning can take place individually through your online materials, please do not hesitate to post to the discussion board and ask me if you have questions. You are also encouraged to work or study with other students in the class; students generally do much better when they do not work alone. In addition to all of this help, you are encouraged to come in to the STEM center to get in-person help if you think your question might be difficult to ask online or to understand the solution online.

(619 660-4306).

Best of luck in this class!

- Bryan Elliott

–  –  –


Bryan Elliott

Contacting me:

• Discussion Boards: Please post content/procedural questions here. This is where almost all questions should go so everyone hears the questions and the answers.

• Office Hours:

Online office hours as well as face-to-face(F2F) available at www.cuyamaca.edu/people/bryanelliott/default.aspx

• Email: bryan.elliott@gcccd.edu Please use email to send me personal information (e.g. you’re sick, you were in a car accident, you were locked out of a test and need access again, you missed the deadline of a HW assignment and need the password.) Please use the class Discussion Boards to ask content (e.g. How do you solve..?) or procedural questions (e.g. What do I do if I miss a deadline?). Also, please let me know if/when you find typos, broken links, etc.

Expectations of Me:

In this class (especially in the Discussion Boards) I will not behave as the 'Sage on the Stage'. I am here to be a learning facilitator for you all. I will be more like the 'Guide on the Side'. We’re all here to work together with each other and learn together from each other.

I may not reply to every Discussion Board posting since you and your classmates all have talents, opinions and experiences to bring to the class. I want you all to learn to work together and learn from each other. If I see that several of you are asking the same question, and no one else seems to know the answer, I may respond, give a hint or clarify.

I strive to make this course as interesting and interactive as I can.

Response Time:

I am generally online in the class materials off and on throughout the day/evening M-F.

Fridays I usually have meetings or other events throughout the day, but I try to check into the class materials if I can.

On the weekends I try to leave work “at the office”, but due to the compacted nature of our course, I will be checking in on Saturdays and Sundays.

Thus, responses from me should be in about 24-48 hours M-Th or about 48-72 hours over the weekend while class is in session.

My Expectations of You in this Class You will adhere to all of the requirements in the course.

You have read the orientation.

You have read the Syllabus and continue to refer to it on a regular basis (every day, or every other day at the least).

You will check the MyStatLab Discussion Boards and Announcements on a daily basis.

You have talents, thoughts, and ideas that you will share with the class through the discussion boards.

You will 'play nicely' with others in the class.

You will not expect this class to work in the same way that a lecture class works.

You will work on this class a minimum of 3-4 hours per day 7 days a week.

You will seek help as soon as you get stuck or have a question.

–  –  –

Online classes give students greater freedom of scheduling, but they can require more self-discipline and self-reliance than traditional on-site classes.

Please understand that it is impossible for me to be online 24/7. Anticipate waiting 24-48 hours for a response to your posting (longer over weekends and holidays). Please remember that I can't read minds, so if you have a question about the class it's your responsibility to seek assistance promptly. Keep in mind that I do not evaluate excuses; I only evaluate coursework that is submitted on time. Waiting until the last minute to seek assistance severely limits the kind of help I and others can provide. Waiting for my response does not excuse you from completing the assignments.

Online classes require that students have a basic computer skill level.

Students should be comfortable with using a computer, the web (at least 2 different browsers) and Discussion Boards. Instructors do not provide remedial "How-To-Use-A-Computer" or ‘How to Get your Computer Set Up to Work with MSL” directions in addition to the intended course content.

If you have computer/browser problems, you need to call MSL Technical Support immediately!

In terms of time requirements, this can be quite extensive with a 4-unit online class.

Please do NOT take this class if you think it will be easier than a traditional, on-site class.

Math 160 is a four-unit intensive transfer-level mathematics class.

The class is very challenging when taken in a traditional setting, and can be much more demanding when taken online. You'll need to stay focused, take charge of your learning, and work extremely hard to do well.

Students who tend to do well in online courses are those who are:

Spending at least 2-3 hours each day 7 days per week working in the class Experienced college students (i.e. this is not the first college class ever taken) Self-motivated learners who do not need prompting in order to complete assignments Committed to learning, and who always make a strong effort to do their absolute best Actively involved in taking responsibility for their own education Are able and willing to help other students in the class (via Discussion Boards) Ask for help from peers (via Discussion Boards) as soon as they encounter difficulty that they are genuinely not able to resolve Good managers of time and who are able to balance personal responsibilities with class requirements Able to understand and follow written instructions Good communicators who are able to express their thoughts and communicate their ideas as well as problems with other students in the class Computer literate and able to learn new software and technology quickly if necessary.

Traditional student expectations apply as well (for example: no plagiarizing, respect for classmates and instructor, etc.). You may wish to review Cuyamaca College's Catalog, specifically the section on "Academic Policies and Procedures." You will be expected to know and follow those policies and procedures at all times.

–  –  –


FROM YOUR CLASS*** Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World, 6/E Larson & Farber |Prentice Hall | Package ISBN-10: 0-13-386499-5 | ISBN-13: 9 978-0-13-386499-1 This package includes MyStatLab Student access card Please DO NOT purchase a used access code. Access codes can only be used once!

PLEASE PURCHASE THE MYSTATLAB/MYMATHLAB ACCESS CODE!! MathXL and MyMathLab access codes will NOT provide you with access to the course materials.

You can purchase the required access code directly from the publisher (cheaper than from the bookstore) at: http://pearsonmylab.com/students/register/ (If you purchase directly from the publisher, your access to the class materials will be immediate and you will be able to work in the materials immediately. You will need a credit card or PayPal to do this.)

–  –  –

You can purchase the required access from the Cuyamaca bookstore in-person or online at:

Cuyamaca College Online Bookstore(If you purchase your access from the CC online bookstore, you may have to wait several days to get the access packet. You may have to wait to begin working in the class materials. If you do not have access to a credit card or PayPal, you will need to purchase in-person from the on-site bookstore since they do take cash and checks. You do NOT need to purchase the access code AND the hard copy of the textbook.

Registration into the MyStatLab online materials will be needed in order to complete your mandatory orientation which is due by the end of the day on the 1st day of classes. Failure to purchase, register and complete work in the required online materials will result in being dropped from the class.

More information about the MyStatLab online materials can be found at http://pearsonmylab.com/.

(If you cannot afford to purchase the class materials today, but you will be able to pay within a week or two, please read about the 17-day Temporary Access offered by the publisher. This Grace Period allows you to get into the online class materials today, but pay for them within a week. Also, if you purchase access from the bookstore and they are out of stock, you may need to take advantage of the Temporary Access to get into the class materials before your paid access from the bookstore arrives.) It is NOT required that you have your own computer at home for this class. All of the computers in the STEM center at Cuyamaca College are configured to work with MyStatLab.

Occasionally, the MyStatLab website/server has problems. If that happens, you can generally still access portions of the class materials (homework, quizzes, class announcements, study plan,

calendar, assignment dashboard, and grade book) by logging in at this ‘backdoor login’:

http://www.mathxl.com/login_mml.htm (please bookmark this page in case of emergency)

2. Graphing Calculator I will be using and doing demonstrations on a Texas Instruments TI-84 graphing calculator.

However, the TI-83/84 (any version) also works almost exactly the same. Please purchase/borrow either a TI-83 (any version) or TI-84 (any version).

If you choose to use a different graphing calculator, you may not be able to get help with it.

ALL of your lab assignments will REQUIRE the use of a TI-83/84 calculator or Statcrunch. If you do not have a TI83/84 by the end of the first week of class you will more than likely FAIL the class.

3. A notebook for note taking and working problems You should treat this class as you would any other math class. Take notes in a notebook while watching lecture videos or while reading the eBook, work practice or homework problems in your notebook before submitting answers, etc. I don't usually check your math notebook. However, I may ask to see it (via fax or.pdf) if you begin to fall behind or start consistently scoring low on Quizzes or Tests.

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