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«The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson Session #90 Show notes at: Announcer: This podcast of The Model ...»

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The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson

Session #90

Show notes at: http://www.theshawnstevensonmodel.com/90

Announcer: This podcast of The Model Health Show is presented to you by

Shawn Stevenson with Rare Gem Productions. For more information visit http://


Shawn Stevenson: Welcome to The Model Health Show, this is fitness and

nutrition expert, Shawn Stevenson, here with my beautiful cohost and producer,

Jade Harrell. What’s up Jade?

Jade: What’s up Shawn?

Shawn: How are you doing today?

Jade: Suprumble.

Shawn: What is that?

Jade: I’m suprumble today. I am super humbled today by our guest that we have.

Shawn: Yes, yes. Awesome. We have a guest in studio today, absolutely amazing.

Jade: He’s awesome.

Shawn: He’s an amazing human being.

Jade: Yes. He’s like walking peace.

Shawn: Walking peace. That’s a powerful statement. In talking about The Model Health Show, often times we are sharing incredible insights about how to work out, how to up your nutrition game, but we also need to understand we need to work in. Your internal environment and internal health, your inner game, is what’s really going to determine your position in life and whether or not you are going to apply the things that you learn for the outer world.

We’ve got to have strategies for that. This individual is going to bring some great insights and help us kind of dive into that world and walk away transformed.

That’s what I’m looking forward to, transformation day, baby!

Jade: That’s right, turn up the volume.

Shawn: But first, let’s give a great big shout out to our show sponsor, onnit.com.

Jade: Shout out.

Shawn: Head over to http://www.onnit.com/model for 10% off your health and human performance supplements. We are huge fans of the Hemp FORCE protein.

Jade: That’s where I get all of mine.

Shawn: Choco-maca.

Jade: That’s me.

Shawn: The chocolate and the maca, the adaptogens, the incredible things found in the chocolate; the anandamide AKA the bliss chemical. That’s in chocolate baby.

Jade: Chocolate’.

Shawn: We’ve got tryptophan, the precursor to serotonin. It makes you feel good. That’s why people are drawn to chocolate. But make sure you get the good stuff, not the stuff that’s been fried, dyed, dried, tripped up and tripped into some sugar, which was a recreational drug back in the day.

Jade: Still is. It’s still popular.

Shawn: They’ve also got the vanilla acai which is my favorite flavor. But the reason we enjoy it is not the fact that it tastes great.

Jade: It does.

Shawn: That is a nice parenthesis but the fact is it is the most bioavailable protein for the human body. It is high in edestin and albumin which are two soft, globular proteins. It is very, very digestible. They are water soluble and you are made mostly of what?

Jade: Iam water.

Shawn: Water, my friend. So it is very digestible and feels good in your body.

This is why we love that protein. We are huge fans of that.

We also love, SHROOM Tech. Let me tell you about SHROOM Tech Immune. My son goes to this awesome Waldorf School. He is three years old and today I was dropping him off. He told me, “We’re making bread today.” He can make bread. I can’t make bread. I’m not a big fan of bread but to see this act. Little kids are knitting stuff and making socks. I can barely take care of myself when I compare myself to what these kids are learning.

Jade: That’s why we need that.

Shawn: They just sent out an email because there is a pretty tough virus going around attached to some ugly coughs; so it’s sort of like a werewolf virus.

Jade: And it’s airborne.

Shawn: Yes! So they sent out a notice because even some of the teachers got hit. But my son is A-OK. He hasn’t been fazed by it. It’s because pretty much everyday we are opening up a capsule of SHROOM Tech Immune and putting it into his little superfood shake. It has just become a part of his life. What it is, there is a 300% increase (according to research) in your NK cells.

These are your natural killer cells. They are basically your biological entities that create weapons against anything you’re faced with.

Jade: Nice.

Shawn: It makes your immune system hyper intelligent, basically. It’s so powerful and is based off of chaga mushroom. There is so much incredible data to back this up. It is absolutely wonderful stuff. It has a resonance with the human body.

Some people might wonder if it’s okay to give it to their kids. This has been given to kids for thousands of years. Cocoa Krispies have it. But we give that to our kids.

Jade: Freely and willingly.

Shawn: We question these things and worry about it. But absolutely, this is the stuff to give your kids. This is the stuff to put in their bodies. It’s delivered in a way that is fun so that he gets his little smoothie in his little cup every day. It helps to really fortify the immune system. It’s an immunomodulator. It can help to up the immune system if it needs to or it can bring it down. It has intelligence.

Jade: It does. That’s what we use.

Shawn: Check it out, SHROOM Tech Immune. It is powerful stuff to have in your cabinet. So definitely had over and check out http://www.onnit.com/model for 10% off your supplements.

Now let’s get into the iTunes review of the week.

Jade: Another five-star rating, Shawn. This one is really sweet. It’s from


“Each time I listen to your podcast I learn and grow. Thank you so much. I have listened to many of the health-oriented podcasters and yours stands out in quality of material, your interpretations, your kindness, and humility.” Shawn: Wow, thank you. You hit me there at the end. Thank you so much.

Jade: That is true.

Shawn: Thank you for acknowledging that in me. This is why we do what we do. Hopefully people can pick up that subtle energy that I really do care. This isn’t just about me. This is about all of us and becoming the best version of ourselves.

Jade: They most certainly do pick it up, Shawn. Over one million downloads.

Shawn: That’s the word. It’s incredible. We can’t even fathom that.

Jade: One million anything.

Shawn: That’s so powerful.

Jade: Think of anything as a million.

Shawn: Thank you everybody, because without you guys listening to the show and applying this stuff and sharing it with the people you care about, we couldn’t have reached this point. So I just want to give a huge shout out to you. I have so much gratitude, especially for leaving these reviews on iTunes because it helps to get the word out there. Thank you so much.

Jade: I love it.

Shawn: Now let’s get into our topic of the day and our special guest.

Jade: Welcome, welcome!

Shawn: Our guest today is The Prince EA. He is here in studio. This individual really struck me as somebody (and I don’t use this word lightly) an enlightened individual. He is somebody who is taking a lot of the ancient wisdom and is packaging it in a way that is digestible by our people today.

It’s not just that this is some airy fairy thing. The numbers don’t lie. Recently he has really just kind of exploded online. He is a huge sensation on YouTube. I highly encourage people to go and check out his YouTube channel. It will really help to bring more fulfillment to your life, for sure.

Jade: Absolutely. I subscribed immediately.

Shawn: He is basically like a boy band now going on tour, cloud hopping place to place. He is in high demand and everybody is going to understand why today.

So I’d like to welcome to The Model Health Show Prince EA.

Prince EA: What a beautiful introduction. Thank you, I’m glad to be here, Shawn and Jade. Thank you guys for having me.

Shawn: Hey man, it’s my pleasure. I’m really curious. What got you interested in sharing your message in this capacity? What really hit you and hit your spirit to go from where you were a few years ago to wanting to share this message of personal growth and packaging it up in this way to share it with everybody?

What inspired you to do that?

Prince EA: There have been a couple of transitions in my musical career. I’ve been rapping for about seven years and in the very beginning I was very punch line driven. I was very stereotypical, prototypical mainstream talking about cars I never drove, cars I never had. You know, things like that. But I was still very lyrical. Fast forward a couple of years, I came into contact with some conscious hip hop artists, guys like Immortal Technique, a guy named Canibus, Ras Kass, these guys who have put everything from science to geopolitics and spirituality inside of their rhymes embedded onto these dope beats. It just totally changed my life.

Not only did I grow academically as a human being but I also wanted to do what they were doing. I wanted to become a rapper and say what they were saying.

Like these guys, I was very political. I was very outspoken and sensational.

Fast forward to maybe a year ago, I came into contact with some other very profound writers like the Buddha, Wayne Dyer, the Krishna, the Liuzhou and a lot of these guys that had amazing punch lines just like the other rappers did. They really touch my heart and I thought these guys were simplifying the message in a way that just totally transformed me. It made me a lot more peaceful.

So I just wanted to share that with others. The delivery method that I was using, rap and the spoken word, is what I used to implant it. It is an easy form of communication and I’ve had a lot of success with it.

Jade: Yes. Most certainly.

Shawn: Indeed. Again, numbers don’t lie. Results speak for themselves. We’ve had a couple of conversations and what’s so impressive about you is the fact that you really understand that if this kind of explosion were to have happened a few years ago, as you told me, the course would have been a lot different in how you responded to things.

We both kind of have this same agreement that life really qualifies you. Life qualifies you to be able to handle the things you are faced with. Often times people get caught up in this idea when they are hit with a negative situation and are asking, “Why me.” What do you say to somebody like that?

Prince EA: There is an old saying, “Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.” We all have the responsibility to take the messages. It is pretty clear we live in a psychophysical world. The world is largely how we see it and how we view it. It is thought. All perspectives, our past, is constantly influencing the present and how we are seeing things today.

If we change the way we look at things then the things in themselves that we look at will change.

Shawn: Absolutely.

Prince EA: The power is within us and that’s what I tell people. I just want to show people the potential that might be buried deep inside of them; it was always there.

Shawn: I wrote about this a few years ago, probably seven years ago now, in my first book. Just having this understanding and kind of an epiphany that, of the billions of people on the planet, no two people see things the same way.

Every single person has a unique perspective that is colored with their own unique experience.

We have these invisible shades on, kind of like a kaleidoscope, and the way we see things is totally different from the next person. The example I give is we are both standing on a corner and we see an old beat up 1969 Mustang pull up. You may think of it as an eyesore, something that isn’t looking too good. You may feel a bit annoyed and walk away from the situation feeling annoyed.

I might be a car buff and look at it as if it was a thing a beauty. I am inspired.

We see the same exact thing with two totally different perspectives. The energy we generate from that is totally different. This is going on all the time. So it is so powerful to understand that it is really based on your perception. Here’s the great news, you have the power to change that. You can change your perception like that.

On that note, are there any practices that you have yourself or any insights that you can share to possibly help people change their perspective.

Prince EA: Meditation is big for me. I don’t necessarily get into the lotus posture for 80 minutes eight times a day. But I am constantly in the present moment and constantly aware that I am in my body. I do walking meditations a lot. Tech Nhat Hanh is a good name for people to look up. He advocates walking meditation and to kiss the earth with every step.

That loving kindness just feels so good when you are in the present moment and you are not thinking about the future and not thinking about the past. You are only concerned with the now because the now is really all there is. It is all there ever is. Nobody has ever experienced the future. You can only experience the now.

Shawn: What about Michael J. Fox?

(laughter) Prince EA: Did you see the meme on Facebook with Michael J. Fox? He went back to the future to 2015. The clothes were different and they were like, “Oh, this is what we were supposed to look like?” Shawn: My son and his cousin were over at our house and were trying to find a way to order the shoes from Back To The Future that they were wearing in the future. They came out this week.

Somebody also sent me a link recently, our amazing transcriptionist who is wondering why I am talking about her. She sent a link to the Hoverboard. There was a hoax video but then there is a real one with Tony Hawk. It hovers maybe a centimeter above the ground but it is hovering.

Jade: It’s hovering.

Shawn: It’s so powerful. Then, of course, on YouTube you see the huge distinction in the comments of people saying it is stupid and then somebody else asks why they are looking at the negative. Think about the engineering and the technology and creative insight it took to create this entity. But you know, YouTube can be a whole different thing where people show up to express their closet personality. And this is something I want to talk about.

Jade: Yeah, your world out there.

Shawn: You did a great piece about haters.

Jade: Several great pieces.

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