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«POSTGRADUATE CAREERS SERVICE RESOURCE GUIDE: Corporate Social Responsibility This Resource Guide contains useful links for those seeking work in the ...»

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RESOURCE GUIDE: Corporate Social Responsibility

This Resource Guide contains useful links for those seeking work in the field of CSR. It has

been compiled for students studying the MBA and MA in Corporate Social Responsibility but

links will be useful for those seeking work in the areas of CSR, Not for Profit, Public Sector etc.


Acre Resources - http://www.acre-resources.co.uk/csr-and-sustainability-jobs.php Recruiter for sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Agrisystems Ltd - www.agrisystems.co.uk Vacancies for individuals with experience in agricultural and rural development, field engineering and environmental projects worldwide.

Allen & York - http://www.allen-york.com/ Recruitment agency for environment, health and safety, and energy sectors amongst others Alertnet - www.alertnet.org/thepeople/jobs/index.htm Provides a searchable database of jobs working with major international development organisations worldwide. Seeks staff with relevant skills, experience and qualifications.

Amnesty International - Business Group - http://www.amnesty.org.uk/jobs.asp Works to encourage businesses to be aware of and act upon their human rights impact. No jobs page within the business group but Amnesty International has a general page advertising jobs and volunteering opportunities within the organisation.

Bright Green: http://www.brightgreentalent.com/jobs-list/ Vacancies and opportunities for CSR and environmental roles within organisations.

Business for Social Responsibility - www.bsr.org Organisation aiming to advance leadership in responsible business by providing tools and training and advisory services for business. CSR jobs page, US focus, mainly senior level positions: www.bsr.org/jobs/csr/index.cfm Business in the Community- http://www.bitc.org.uk/who_we_are/careers/jobs/ UK organisation providing businesses with resources to help improve their impact upon society. One page advertising its own career opportunities.

Capita RAS - www.capitaras.co.uk UK recruitment agency specialising in opportunities in the public sector, including job adverts for the DTI, civil service and local government, including interim management roles.

Charity Job - www.charityjob.co.uk Recruitment agency specialising in charity and non-profit jobs. Provides a searchable job database and also an email job bulletin. Has a range of opportunities from entry level to more senior positions including graduate opportunities.

Charity People - www.charitypeople.co.uk London based recruitment agency specialising in the charity and non-profit sector. Lists opportunities from entry-level through to senior management.

Charity Village - www.charityvillage.com Recruitment agency for non-profit jobs in Canada.

January 2009. Compiled by the Postgraduate Careers Service and the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility at Nottingham University Business School.

The Corporate Responsibility Officer - Job Board- www.thecro.com/job_board An American news forum with specialist articles on CSR and a Jobs Board.

Countryside Jobs Link - www.countrysidejobslink.co.uk Website providing links to recruitment agencies and organisations advertising jobs in the environment, CSR, sustainability and countryside sector.

Countryside Jobs Service - www.countryside-jobs.com Provides listings of environmental and countryside jobs, voluntary opportunities, training and courses.

CSR Chicks / Blokes Two informal Yahoo groups, including job postings. To subscribe, email csr-chicks-subscribe@yahoo.groups.com and csr-blokes-subscribe@yahoogroups.com CSR Europe - www.csreurope.org/jobs/default.aspx European network and resources on corporate social responsibility. Has a page advertising its own job opportunities and few others.

Development Zone - www.dev-zone.org/jobs Provides a searchable database of jobs and consultancy opportunities working in all aspects of international development worldwide. Also provides useful tools and resources for development work in the Pacific region.

DevJobs - www.devjobsmail.com Provides an email bulletin of international development jobs worldwide in areas ranging from micro-finance to community development.

Devnet Jobs - www.devnetjobs.org Gateway to international development jobs worldwide. Provides an email job bulletin of opportunities working in a range of development areas.

Earthworks jobs- www.earthworks-jobs.com This site offers job vacancies across CSR, Sustainability and the environmental sector.

Eco Jobs - www.ecojobs.com US-based service advertising jobs, internships and degree courses in all aspects of the environment, mainly in the USA. Subscription service.

Eden Brown - www.edenbrown.com London recruitment agency with a searchable job database, including jobs in the charity sector. Entry to middle level positions.

Edie News Jobs- www.edie.net Provides on-line resources (Environmental data interactive exchange) for Professionals and Researchers on environmental topics. Also includes Jobs board in this field.

ENDS - www.ends.co.uk/jobs/ Environmental Data Services, search engine providing a list of jobs for experienced people in the UK working in everything from energy and waste to recycling.

Environmentaljob.co.uk – www.environmentaljob.co.uk A UK based specialist Recruitment consultancy offering potential job vacancies, courses and events within the Environmental sector.

Environment Post - www.environmentpost.co.uk Lists full-time, part-time, junior and senior, voluntary and paid jobs in the UK and overseas working in the environment, conservation and countryside management. Subscription only, currently £29 p.a.

January 2009. Compiled by the Postgraduate Careers Service and the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility at Nottingham University Business School.

Ethical Corporation - www.ethicalcorp.com Latest news, events and jobs pages.

Ethical Performance - www.ethicalperformance.com The global independent business newsletter on corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investment. Has recruitment pages for anyone looking for new career opportunities in the fields of corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investment.

Europe Environmental News Service – www.endseurope.com Environmental Opportunities Evergreen – http://www.evergreen.org.uk/ Specialist environmental agency recruiting for environment and related sectors Experience Development - www.experiencedevelopment.org.uk Useful website with lots of links to organisations advertising voluntary and paid jobs working in development including management and finance positions.

Flow Caritas - www.flowcaritas.co.uk An independent recruitment consultancy, specialising in the charity and NFP sector. Fairly broad remit, but real expertise is in fundraising, communications and marketing.

Friends of the Earth - www.foe.co.uk/press_for_change/jobs/ Environmental campaigning organisation running a campaign to expose and improve the behaviour of multinational corporations. Opportunity to take action to support the campaign.

GreenBiz Jobs - www.greenbiz.com/jobs/ Website advertising jobs and internships working to encourage sustainability within business and corporations. Mainly US based. Searchable job database.

Green Directory - www.greendirectory.net/jobs Provides job listings in UK in the environment sector. Free email registration.

Green Dream Jobs - www.sustainablebusiness.com/jobs Recruitment site for people with business skills who want to work for sustainable business or a non-profit organisation worldwide, mainly focused on North America.

Green Net - www.gn.apc.org/jobs.shtml Green internet service provider listing jobs, internships and voluntary opportunities with an environmental focus, worldwide.

Harris Hill - www.harrishill.co.uk Recruitment agency specialising in the charity sector. Has a searchable jobs database of temporary and permanent jobs across the UK and useful CV and interview advice.

Hawthorn Environmental – www.hawthorn-environmental.com A specialist Environmental Recruitment agency who recruit at all levels including experienced executives within the environmental field to graduates.

Idealist - www.idealist.org US-based website listing job opportunities and internships in the charity and non-profit sector, worldwide. Offers a daily email bulletin advertising opportunities.

Jobs Go Public - www.jobsgopublic.co.uk Recruitment site specialising in jobs in the non-profit and public sectors. Provides a searchable database of jobs across the UK.

January 2009. Compiled by the Postgraduate Careers Service and the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility at Nottingham University Business School.

Jobs in Charities - www.jobsincharities.co.uk Jobs and volunteering opportunities and useful links for the non-profit sector - offers an email jobs bulletin, free email registration.

Kage Partnership - www.kagep.com Recruitment consultants specialising in fundraising, marketing and communications jobs in the non-profit sector. Emphasis on London-based jobs. Entry level up to senior positions.

LG Jobs - www.lgjobs.com The official UK recruitment site for all local government jobs and work placements in local councils. Provides a search engine to find regional opportunities across the UK. Links to http://www.lgcareers.com/ for career profiles of roles in local government.

Lifeworth - www.lifeworth.com Website providing information about working in corporate social responsibility. Offers a job bulletin for opportunities in the UK and worldwide and also seminars and workshops on CSR issues.

Melbourne Environmental Jobs Network - www.environmentaljobs.com.au Website advertising jobs with an environmental focus across Australia. Searchable job database and information about finding a career and vacation work.

NFP Jobs - http://nfpjobs.netxtra.net Small number of jobs in charities sector. UK only, mainly entry level to mid level.

NFP Resourcing - www.nfp-resourcing.co.uk Not for profit recruitment consultants. Entry level to senior positions.

One World Jobs – http://uk.oneworld.net/ Website providing a searchable database of jobs, particularly in charities, environment, human rights and sustainable development across the world. Also provides information and resources about development and environmental issues.

Oxfam International Vacancies - http://www.oxfam.org.uk/get_involved/work_with_us/ Lists development vacancies with Oxfam world-wide People & Planet - www.peopleandplanet.org/ethicalcareers/links.php Job postings and links to numerous commercial and not for profit organisations. Dig deep for the links. Includes careers information on roles you may not yet have considered.

Principle Partnership - www.tpp.co.uk London-based specialist recruitment consultants offering opportunities in the charity and nonprofit, arts, medical sectors.

Prospect-Us - www.prospect-us.co.uk London-based recruitment agency offering opportunities in the charity and non-profit sector.

Provides both permanent and temporary opportunities including both entry-level and more senior positions.

Quanta Consulting – www.quanta-consulting,com A specialist recruitment agency specialising in environmental posts, energy and CSR.

Red-R - www.redr.org Registered Engineers for Disaster Relief specialises in recruiting qualified engineers to work in overseas development. Also recruits humanitarian workers worldwide. Register your CV on the RedR database.

Recluta Search and Selection – www.recluta.co.uk A specialist UK recruitment agency specialising in fields of CSR and sustainability.

January 2009. Compiled by the Postgraduate Careers Service and the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility at Nottingham University Business School.

Relief Web - www.reliefweb.int/vacancies Seeks experienced staff to work in a range of humanitarian aid jobs worldwide.

Ruston WHEB – www.rustonwheb.com Specialist Recruitment agency whom recruit Environmental Risk and Corporate Responsibility Advisers.

Sustainability Forum - www.sustainabilityforum.com An on-line forum with an extensive range of topics including: environmental protection and climate change. Includes a jobs database.

Third Sector Magazine - www.thirdsector.co.uk Provides news, information, analysis and insight for everyone working within the non-profit sector. Advertises jobs in the non-profit sector.

UK Social Investment Forum - www.uksif.org/Z/Z/Z/career/main/index.shtml#opps Promotes socially responsible investment (SRI). Many useful links including job postings. Dig deep into the site for the links and register for the monthly newsletter for job opportunities.


Ashoka - www.ashoka.org Their mission is to shape a citizen sector that is entrepreneurial, productive and globally integrated, and to develop the profession of social entrepreneurship around the world.

CAF online – www.cafonline.org Provides a searchable database of charities and non-profit organisations worldwide. Search by type of work, name of charity or location. Includes financial services providers for not for profit sector.

Clear Profit - www.clear-profit.com Does not list jobs as such, but it does provide a unique way to reach the very best people CSR and SRI. A notice placed in its highly-regarded editorial setting allows employers to grab the attention of even the very best candidates, many of whom will not be actively seeking employment. Rates are competitive and negotiable, with discounts given for charitable organisations and startups. Contact: phil@clear-profit.com. +44 (0) 1273 324 521 Corporate Responsibility Group - www.crguk.org Made up of around 80 of the UK’s leading companies - all of whom are committed to adopting a social, ethical and environmentally responsible approach to business practice and have a strong track record in developing corporate responsibility initiatives.

Corporate Watch - www.corporatewatch.org.uk A small independent not-for-profit research and publishing group which undertakes research on the social and environmental impact of large corporations, particularly multinationals.

CSR Network - www.csrnetwork.com One of the UK’s leading CSR consultancies. Provides an overview of CSR and links to other websites.

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