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«The Crimson 2013 STUDENT HANDBOOK In Case of an Emergency Ext. 3000 ContaCt: q Your Resident Director q Campus Safety at Ext. 3000 Emergency Ext. ...»

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The Crimson 2013


In Case of an Emergency

Ext. 3000


q Your Resident Director

q Campus Safety at

Ext. 3000 Emergency

Ext. 2111 Campus Safety

Ext. 2000 Campus Switchboard

q Zerbe Health and Wellness Center at Ext. 3850

q Reference the campus Emergency Response Plan in

this handbook or online at: www.gcc.edu/Emergency_


q ID CARD LOST or STOLEN: GCC ID Cards that are lost or stolen MUST BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY to Campus Safety Ext. 2111 The Crimson Student Handbook Published by the office for Student Life and Learning of Grove City College The policies and procedures written herein may be amended as necessary from time to time with subsequent notice and subject to the approval of the College President. The information in this 2013-14 Crimson edition supersedes any information in any previous editions of the Crimson, and is subject to change as noted above.

Grove City College • Grove City, PA 16127 • 724-458-2000 2013 – 2014 Academic Year Fall Semester 2013 Aug. 22-25 New student welcome and orientation Aug. 22 Freshman residence halls open 8:30 am


Aug. 24 Upper-class residence halls open 9:00 am Aug. 19 20 21 22 23 24 Aug. 26 Classes begin 8:00 am Aug. 27 Opening convocation 9:00 am Sept. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Aug. 28 Freshman testing 7:00 pm Aug. 30 Last day to Drop/Add a class by 5:00 pm 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Sept. 2 Labor Day No classes 29 30 Sept. 5 Monday evening classes meet (Makeup for Labor Day) Oct. 12 345 Sept. 21 Night football game vs. CMU Oct. 5 Homecoming vs. Westminster Oct. 14 Mid-term grades due Oct. 17-20 Fall break No classes – Residence halls remain open Oct. 21 Classes resume 8:00 am Nov. 12 Oct. 25 Last day to withdraw from a class by 5:00 pm Oct. 24/31 Jan/Spring registration – Seniors, Juniors 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Nov. 7/14 Jan/Spring registration – Sophomores/Freshmen 24 25 26 26 27 29 30 Nov. 23 Thanksgiving recess be

–  –  –

Student Responsibilities By choosing Grove City College, you enjoy the privileges and accept the responsibilities of being a member of the campus community. This includes the obligation to know and adhere to college policies and standards as described in this Handbook and in other official College documents. You are also fully expected to abide by all applicable civil laws and regulations.

As a Student here, you are required to abide by the written policies, but your decisions and actions should reflect these principles even outside the literal boundaries of the written policies. Ultimately, you should conduct yourself in ways that bring honor to God, the College, and yourself. This includes demonstrating honesty, integrity, respect, compassion, encouragement of others, self-discipline, stewardship, good sportsmanship, freedom from discrimination and prejudice, and social responsibility. We have confidence and faith that you will contribute positively to this campus community.

–  –  –

This school is informed by its two animating principles of faith and freedom. You will see those principles at work in our curriculum, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. We are a community that believes and seeks God’s word and truths.

Since we are a community, you will see inside “The Crimson” vital information for all.

There is information on student events and student life. Also included is our expected standard of conduct and rules. These standards and rules are really about the respect we should always have for each other for our respective property and campus.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with you at my GeDunk office hours each Monday beginning at 4pm (unless I am away on College business), in my office (by appointment – call 724-458-2500) or during my many travels around campus.

Best wishes for the coming academic year. By choosing Grove City College as your place to grow in wisdom and stature, you have placed your trust in us. We accept that trust and will do our best.

–  –  –

The Crimson To the Grove City College Community Dear Fellow Students, I consider it a great honor and joy to welcome you into the Grove City College community for this academic year! Rather than “community,” the term I am almost more inclined to use is “family.” This is due to our unique, tight-knit community of students and faculty who faithfully love and serve the LORD and each other with passion and integrity.

This year, I challenge you to take the time and make the effort to fully embrace the campus life here. If you look for it, you will find that this College has much more diversity than what first meets the eye. Truly get to know the amazing people with and from whom we get to learn—we are blessed beyond measure!

I hope and pray that you experience all that the LORD has in store for you at Grove City College. Make the most of every opportunity—four years go by so quickly! Also, prepare to be challenged and to grow academically and otherwise.This place is an invaluable training ground for what lies ahead. Brigham Young captured the meaning of education well when he said, “Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the world’s work, and the power to appreciate life.” Some may joke about the rules and standards of Grove City College’s The Crimson, but be encouraged that it is not just a rulebook. Rather, it shapes the way we at Grove City College live life together and respect one other. Even greater, if we trust Christ, he sets us free to run in the path of God’s commands. (Psalm 119:32) Know that the Student Government Association at Grove City College is here to serve you as the primary communication link between the students and administration.

Get to know your student representatives, and feel free to contact me at any time if you have campus concerns and/or suggestions, or even just to say hello—it would be my pleasure to meet you! You can reach me by e-mail at HunkerTB1@gcc.edu, via phone at 724.954.2972, or by stopping by the SGA Office (located on the 2nd floor STU right off of the commuter lounge) Tuesdays between 4:00 & 5:00PM. Get excited for our journey this year at the College; many blessings to you!

–  –  –

Colossians 1:11 - “May you be strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy.” 2013-2014 PurPose and IdentIty of Grove CIty ColleGe S ince its founding in 1876, Grove City College, committed to Christian principles, has striven to be equal in academic quality to the finest four-year colleges. It seeks to provide liberal and professional education of the highest excellence in the reach of families with modest means who desire a college which will strengthen their children’s spiritual and moral character.

When the College was chartered, a broad, Christian-based cultural consensus prevailed in America. By charter, the doors of the College were open to qualified students “without regard to religious test or belief.” The founders of Grove City College, consciously avoiding narrow sectarianism, held a vision of Christian society transcending denomination, creeds, and confessions.

They were committed to the advancement of free enterprise, civil and religious liberty, representative government, arts and letters, and science and technology. Believing that the fruits of civilization would be destroyed if the religious and ethical roots were allowed to wither, the founders intended that the claims of Christ as God and Savior and of inspired Scripture be presented to all.

They hoped that through its program of intellectual, moral, and spiritual education, Grove City College would produce young leaders, whatever their creed or confession, capable of pushing civilization forward on every frontier.

Grove City College remains true to the vision of its founders. Rejecting relativism and secularism, it fosters intellectual, moral, spiritual, and social development consistent with a commitment to Christian truth, morals, and freedom. Rather than political, ideological, or philosophical agendas, objective truth continues as the goal of liberal learning.

The core of the curriculum, particularly in the humanities, consists of books, thinkers, and ideas proven across the ages to be of value in the quest for knowledge. Intellectual inquiry remains open to the questions religion raises and affirms the answers Christianity offers.

The ethical absolutes of the Ten Commandments and Christ’s moral teaching guide the effort to develop intellect and character in the classroom, chapel, and cocurricular activities. And while many points of view are examined, the College unapologetically advocates preservation of America’s religious, political, and economic heritage of individual freedom and responsibility.

Table of Contents

Academic Life

Academic integrity

Upholding the Honesty in Learning Policy Violations

The Policy: Honesty in Learning


The Process: How the Honesty in Learning Fines

Policy Works

Reporting a violation

Once the violation is reported

Student-Faculty Review Committee Dean of the Chapel

receives the resolution form

Grade Appeals Procedure

Appeal Course Grade

Financial Aid Office

Community Life

Community standards defined

Honesty and integrity

Civility and respect

A commitment to Christian community............ 9 The Grove City College Student Loan...30 Wisdom concerning drug and alcohol usage...10 Other loan sources

Safety mindedness

Good citizenship

Student request for assistance – non- ID card

disciplinary policy

Student Conduct introduction

Redemptive discipline

Student Conduct Process oversight..................12 Dining hall policies

Student Conduct Hearing

Appeal process


Appeal board

Final appeal

Student Record

Explanation of disciplinary sanctions

Expectations for campus organizations

Further explanation of drug and alcohol policy........16 Outside services

Drug policy and sanctions

Alcohol policy

Alcohol Emergency Immunity

Hosting an event

Drinking and driving on campus...............17 Development)


iLead Core

Campus Offices & Departments

Academic Resource Center



Campus Events

Campus Ministries Office

Campus Safety

Medical Assistance

Lost and found

Technological Learning Center Computer Lab.. 37 Traffic and vehicle regulations


Vehicle registration

Networking and communication

Registration fees

Campus Computing System Policy

Permit refunds

Visitor registration

Parking and parking restrictions


Handicap Parking

Guidelines for personal web pages..........38 Graduation week housing

Guidelines for College-sponsored web Pre-Intersession & May Intersession.................53 pages/official announcements

Student organization

Academic department


Reporting violations

College ID card services

International Education

International internships

Faculty led short term trips/courses.................40 Bicycles

Study abroad

Semester in Chile

Int. Internships


Red Box Missions

Intramural and Club Sports





Media Services

Operations Department


Smoking in facilities

Requirements for hanging publicity.........43 Extension cords

Campus grounds

Use of the Quad for recreation...............44 Sprinkler system

Outdoor fireplaces


Skate boards

Wild or Unknown Domestic Animals.....45 Hallways


Production Print Services

Registrar’s Office

Course Registration

Residence Life

Administrative Staff

Philosophy of Residence Life

Residence Directors

Residence Assistants

Residence Directors on call

Residence halls

Off-campus living


Expectations for off-campus living...........48 Room inspections and searches...............62 Discretion of the Director of Residence Life....48 Sales & solicitation


Renter’s insurance

Changing housing status


Housing selection process (Fall Semester)......49 Unauthorized persons

Room Draw eligibility

Room Draw process

Room Draw proxy

Housing selection process (Spring Semester)...50 Apartment upkeep & cleaning..................64 Students studying abroad or participating in Hanging wall decorations

an off-campus internship

Room changes

Opening of the residence halls

Closing of the residence halls

Community Living Privilege (CLP)...........65 2 The Crimson Student Accounts: billing and payments

Expenses for 2013-2014

Semester Charges

Fees for Special Services

Student Account

Online student account access

Payment due dates

Policy on payment of charges and fees.............68 Policy concerning student dress


Voluntary Withdrawal

Medical/Military Withdrawal

Housing Department

Additional Refund Details

Accepted forms of payment

529 Tuition saving plans

Refunds and overpayments

Crimson cash account

Student Health Insurance

Student Activities

Student government activities

Campus activities and special events.................71 Federal drug laws (in part)

Campus organizations

Cultural life


Around town

International students

Student Employment

Student Government Association

Academic affairs committee

Social affairs committee

Student affairs committee

Executive officers

Class officers

Student Life & Learning Office

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