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«1. Lightweight/Ultralight weight manual wheelchairs (K0003/K0004/K0005). Other wheelchairs that were considered, but determined to be inappropriate ...»

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To Whom It May Concern:

The following is a letter of medical necessity justifying the need for a Permobil C500 VS wheelchair for

[CLIENT NAME]. A new wheelchair is required for the following reasons:


• Current chair is no longer meeting client's needs

• Current chair is in state of disrepair

1. Lightweight/Ultralight weight manual wheelchairs (K0003/K0004/K0005).

Other wheelchairs that were considered, but determined to be inappropriate include:

REASON: Unable to functionally propel due to abnormal muscle tone, decreased strength and poor endurance.

2. Group 3 Power Wheelchair (K0861) and Separate Sit to Stand standing device – (E0637) REASON: Unable to achieve frequency of standing required for health outcomes and functional use with separate standing device. Need for various methods (not just sit to stand) to achieve standing for proper alignment. Cost comparable to integrated standing wheelchair being recommended.


• Client has a mobility limitation that significantly impairs the ability to participate in one or more mobility related activities of daily living (MRADLs) such as toileting, feeding, dressing, grooming, and bathing in customary locations in the home.

• Client is unable to functionally ambulate and is at risk for falling, even with an assistive device such as a cane or walker.

• Client is unable to functionally and efficiently propel any type of optimally configured manual wheelchair due to a weakness, limited range of motion, and fatigue.

• Client is unable to use a scooter/POV for functional mobility due to inadequate balance/stability, lack of seating and positioning options, inability to operate tiller control, etc.

• Client's mental capabilities (e.g. Cognition, judgment) and physical capabilities (e.g. Vision) are sufficient for safe mobility.

• Client's weight is less than or equal to weight capacity of power wheelchair recommended.

• Client's home provides adequate access for the recommended wheelchair.

• The use of the recommended wheelchair will significantly improve the Client’s ability to participate in MRADLs in the home.

• Client's mobility limitation is due to a neurological condition, myopathy, or congenital skeletal deformity.

• Client requires powered seating (e.g. Tilt, Recline, etc.) which will be used on the recommended power wheelchair.


• 22 years old, Primary Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy (CP)

• Secondary or tertiary diagnoses as relevant to mobility or seating: Joint contractures, Abnormal posture, Decreased bone mineral density, Constipation, Impaired respiratory function, Scoliosis, Decline in functional performance

• Height: 5’6” Weight: 175 pounds Number of hours per day in wheelchair: 10-12 hours


• Non-functional, unsafe ambulation with fall risk (max assist in gait trainer)

• Cannot propel any type of manual wheelchair for any functional distance

• Various terrain to be negotiated in normal routine, i.e. slopes, ramps, grass, gravel, etc.

• Transfer method – stand pivot (min assist from elevated seat; mod-max assist from standard seat height) Function: (Strength, ADLs)

• Muscle weakness, limits in range of motion • [List normal routine, time spent alone, ability to do self care activities] Cognitive ability: Appropriate for safe use of prescribed equipment Tonal Patterns: Increased tone throughout with spasticity Respiratory Status: Shallow breathing when seated; improved breath support when standing

Skin Condition/Sensation:

• Sensation intact

• Risk of skin breakdown due to inability to complete effective weight shift, past history of breakdown Vision/Hearing: wears corrective lenses for vision; hearing within functional limits Endurance/General Health: Endurance is poor – requires power mobility to complete daily activities


• [Home environment and accessibility] • [Outdoor environment and accessibility] • [Work environment] • [School environment] • [Social activities] • [Outdoor environment and accessibility] • [Transportation]


As a result of this evaluation, the following wheelchair and components are recommended:

C500 Group 4 The C500 is a stable front wheel drive wheelchair base with programmable electronics, rugged dual independent suspension and quiet motors. It is made to handle well in indoor as well as rugged outdoor terrain. Its large front and rear casters provide a smooth ride and improved navigation over obstacles and thresholds. Front-wheel drive provides the tightest turning around corners/doorways, improved access forward, and has open space for greater lower extremity positioning options while keeping the seat to floor height low. The C500 has excellent stability to support a variety of seating systems, power seat functions, and driving controls to meet individual needs. The Enhanced Steering Performance (ESP) tracking system is included on this power wheelchair base.


The VS (Vertical System) is a complete powered seating system with full recline, power tilt, elevating legrests, vertical seat elevation and various ways of achieving the standing position. Standing is accomplished from either a seated, semi-reclined, or fully reclined position. Recline-to-stand allows the body to be extended before the weight is transferred onto the feet and mimics standing on a tilt table or supine stander. This method improves standing alignment by reducing buckling at the knees or slipping at

the hips. The benefits of standing in a power wheelchair are many:

1) Allows independent weight bearing multiple times a day, which is essential to reducing osteoporosis, reducing the risk of joint contractures, facilitating normal bone and joint development, reduction of depression and other psycho-social issues.

2) Transfers pressure away from the scapulae, sacrum, coccyx, and ischial tuberosities reducing the risk of skin breakdown.

3) Assist with digestion, respiration, and bowel/bladder management.

4) Slowly coming to stand from reclined position, stopping as needed, can reduce the risk of orthostatic hypotension, control abnormal or primitive reflexes, and provide spasticity management.

5) Provides improved compliance with standing program by having standing feature readily available for use while client is in the wheelchair.

6) Improves access to toilets, sinks, counters, cabinets, and closets while using the stand and drive feature.

7) Improves psychosocial status – allowing the user to see eye-to-eye with peers.

8) Supine standing allows the user to safely stand despite having poor head and trunk control

9) Increases reach for functional access, and enhances interaction with others making the user more productive at home, school and/or work

10) Allows user to stand and drive making standing more functional and facilitating independent performance of MRADLs.

The VS grows from 16 – 22” in seat depth and up to 23” in width. The seating system has a 265 pound weight capacity and can be adjusted for seat depth, seat width, backrest size, lower leg length, footplate angle, seat to back angle, armrest height and angle, etc. The backrest width can differ from the seat width allowing a truly custom fit.

In addition, the system comes standard with: knee supports and a chest bar for safe and stable positioning while standing, lumbar support which can be adjusted to follow the person’s natural spinal curves and/or provide posterior pelvic stabilization, and modular removable lateral wedges to provide seamless but stable midline positioning. More aggressive lateral trunk and thigh supports can be easily added to the seating system if necessary.

Batteries The batteries are gel sealed, and two are necessary to power the wheelchair. They are maintenance free and are safe for travel on the road or in the air. They are necessary to provide reliable use of the power wheelchair on a single charge.

Swing-Away Joystick Mount A swing away joystick mount allows the joystick to swing in or out at any angle to allow closer access to tables, desks, and counters. It also can facilitate forward transfers by safely moving out to the side. The joystick can also be placed at any angle for appropriate hand access.

Power Adjustable Seat Height The power adjustable seat height allows vertical adjustment of the seat height by the wheelchair user.

Elevation increases reach and provides independence with MRADLs. It promotes safety with and improved independence with lateral transfers by allowing a level transfer or transfer from a higher to lower surface, which is gravity-assisted. It also facilitates forward transfer by allowing legs, hips to be more extended, thereby lessening the strength required for the user to perform a stand-pivot transfer.

Power seat elevation also allows the user to have eye contact with others and reduces cervical strain and pain (including headaches from poor positioning). Vertical rise also provides psycho-social benefits of being on peer level and speaking eye-to-eye. Additionally, seat elevation allows certain medications to be kept out of reach of children but remain accessible to the user.

Power Tilt and Recline Power tilt and recline provide independent adjustment of back and hip angle and has multiple medical and

functional benefits:

• Offers maximum pressure re-distribution and postural support to reduce the risk of skin breakdown

• Offers functional positions for eating, self care, reaching, and repositioning

• Provides appropriate positioning for bowel/bladder management (catheterization, urinal, and/or diapering)

• Recline alone can cause sliding forward and increase posterior pelvic tilt, the addition of tilt reduces shear when returning to neutral position from recline.

• Provides positioning for blood pressure management (orthostatic hypotension)

• Provides positioning to control autonomic dysreflexia events

• Allows multiple changes in position for improved sleeping

• Promotes sitting tolerance and relieves pain

• Provides edema control when combined with elevating legrests

• May reduce respiratory distress

• Facilitates therapeutic interventions

• Provides more options for transfers with one or two assistants, or independently

• Tilting before reclining minimizes shearing along the trunk promoting skin health Power Articulating Elevating Legrest Power articulating elevating legrests allow legrest elevation and articulation, which provides leg extension while elevating. These legrests can improve circulation and reduce or prevent edema (when combined with tilt/recline. They allow passive stretching and range of motion for tight hamstrings and can accommodate range of motion deficits. Power articulating elevating legrests provide change of position due to pain or neuropathy and can facilitate improved bowel/bladder management. Additionally, these legrests can improve ground clearance to navigate thresholds and slopes and still allowing the legs to achieve a tight 90 degree position for typical driving conditions. This position shortens the overall functional wheelbase for improved maneuverability.

Expandable Controller and Harness The expandable controller is the power module located in the base of the chair that allows the input device to communicate with the drive motors and gear box. The harness is required with the expandable controller and provides the necessary connectors for operation. The expandable controller is needed for multiple power options on a base because the non-expandable controller (in the form of an integrated joystick and controller) will not accommodate these features. An expandable controller is used in conjunction with an upgraded joystick (Pilot + or R-net). An expandable controller is also required when any alternate drive controls are being used on a power wheelchair. With R-net, the expandable controller can accommodate up to six different types of drive inputs.

R-Net BT Mouse Module The R-Net Blue Tooth Mouse Module provides a method for the user to access computer mouse emulation through the wheelchair controls when the user is unable to use a standard or adapted computer mouse and keyboard for completing work on the computer due to impaired motor control. This is required for school work and other activities that require use of a computer.

Multiple Seat Function Control Kit The Multiple Seat Function Control Kit describes the electronic components that allow the user to control two or more of the following actuators from a single interface (proportional or non-proportional drive control): power wheelchair driving, power tilt, power recline, power articulating elevating legrests, power seat elevation, power standing. It includes a function selection switch which allows the user to select the mode and/or actuator that is being controlled and an indicator feature for visual feedback indicating which function has been selected. This feature is contained both in a separate switch box and integrated into the wheelchair drive interface.

Ergo Seat The Ergo seat cushion is made from various densities of foam and has a removable, easily washable upholstered cover. It provides contours to match the normal anatomic contours of the pelvis to provide stability, positioning, and improved sitting tolerance.

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