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Table of Contents

Getting Started with inFlow Inventory

Product Types

Learning inFlow Inventory

Units of Measurement

Setting up your Business Data

System Overview

User Interface Overview

Typical screen in inflow

inFlow Menu Button


Help Overview

Keyboard Shortcuts………………………………………18

Sample Database and Real Database

Support Services


Company Settings


Customizing Document Numbers

Custom Fields

Rename Fields

Personal Preferences


Import Data into inflow

Export Data from inflow

Backing Up and Restoring Data

Barcode Support

Using Sticky Notes

Using Detailed Entity Combo Boxes

Adding and Removing Rows From a Table.............. 44 Customizing Column Widths in Printed Documents 44


Inventory Menu

Entering Product Information

Extra Info tab

Movement History tab (Stockable Products Only)... 51 Product Costing

Product Categories


Adjusting Product Prices

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Getting Started with inFlow Inventory Thank you for choosing or evaluating inFlow Inventory for your business.

We recommend beginning by doing the Startup Questionnaire if you have not already done so. To access it, select Get Started from the General menu through the inFlow menu button. Now click Startup Questionnaire. This will guide you through setting up your basic company information and some options related to inventory and taxing.

Learning inFlow Inventory inFlow is designed to be easy to learn. Here are some ways that we suggest you become familiar with the system.

To get help, you can use our built-in tooltips by leaving your mouse over the button or field label, search for help in the Knowledge Base, or visit our Online Forum at http://www.inflowinventory.com.

More information on where to find help Inventory also has a Sample Database that you can experiment with to become familiar with the system before entering information into your real database.

More information on the Sample Database and Real Database To get an overview of the functionality that inFlow provides, take a look at the system overview help article. You may also wish to look at the user interface overview help article to get an introduction on how to use inFlow.

Setting up your Business Data inFlow Inventory keeps track of various different types of business data related to your products, customers, vendors and inventory.

We recommend putting all of your information into inFlow. The more information you keep in inFlow, the easier it will be to take customer orders and the more informative the reports will be.

Importing Data using the Import Tool If you already keep your data in a computerized system, like Excel or Quickbooks, then you can use the Import option from the inFlow menu to bring the data into inFlow.

More information on Importing Data Importing Data Manually If you do not already keep your data in a computerized system, you will quickly see the benefits in terms of ease of access and order entry. We recommend starting by entering your Product Information.

How to enter product information Overview Once you have entered your product information, you should enter in how much inventory you have in stock and where it is stored. The easiest way to do this would be by using the Adjust Stock function from the Inventory module.

How to adjust stock You can then enter your Customer Information.

How to enter customer information Alternatively, you can choose to add in customer information gradually as you take orders.

You can also choose to enter Vendor Information now if you do a lot of purchasing from different vendors.

How to enter vendor information Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics of inFlow by experimenting with sample data or browsing help articles, and you have entered your business data, you‟re all set to start using inFlow to improve your daily operations.

System Overview

inFlow Inventory is divided up into four main modules:

 Sales – Sales Orders and Customer Information  Purchasing – Purchase Orders and Vendor Information  Inventory – Product Information, Stock Quantities, Stock Adjustments, etc.

 Reports – Reports offered by inFlow to gather and share information Sales Module Overview

From the Sales Module, you can:

 Keep track of customer information  Take sales orders from customers  Issue quotations to customers  Process customer orders, including picking, packing, and shipping  Send invoices to customers  Mark customer invoices as paid  Handle customer returns More Information on Sales Purchasing Module Overview

From the Purchasing Module, you can:

 Keep track of vendor information and product catalogs  Issue purchase orders to vendors  Receive goods from a vendor  Issue payment to a vendor  Handle goods to be returned to a vendor Overview More Information on Purchasing Inventory Module Overview

From the Inventory Module, you can work on the following areas:

 Products – set up your product information, including prices  Product Categories – set up a categorization for your products  Transfer Stock – move stock from one location to another within your company  Adjust Stock – correct erroneous stock levels by making adjustments to stock quantities  Count Stock – do a cycle count or physical count of your inventory to verify stock quantities and correct and track down discrepancies  Current Stock – look at a detailed breakdown of what stock you have and where it is  History – view a full history of stock movements or search by date or product  Reorder Stock – automatically create purchase orders for products that are low in stock  Work Order – create one product from other products.

More Information on Inventory Reports Module Overview

From the Reports Module, you can:

 View reports with information on various aspects of your business  Print reports  Save reports in PDF format to be saved or e-mailed out  Save report data in Excel format  Customize reports to suit your needs

Sample reports that are available include:

 Sales by Product Summary – what are my best-selling products?

 Customer Payment Report – who still owes me money?

 Sales Order Operational Report – what orders are waiting to be shipped out?

 Purchase Order Status – how much stock am I expecting to receive from vendors?

 Inventory Summary – how much of each product do I have in stock?

 … and many more More Information on Reports Overview User Interface Overview The inFlow homepage

–  –  –

The Home page includes inFlow’s most popular features and provides quick access to different stages of your inventory’s journey from purchase to sale. You can hover over any of the icons to see more options and clicking the icon itself will open a blank record for you to use inFlow listings view

–  –  –

inFlow inFlow uses Listing Views to show you what products you have in inventory, what sales orders you have on the go etc. You can control what you see in the list using the Search section at the top.


1. Help The Help button (blue question mark in the top right corner of your screen) helps you find answers to your questions using our articles, and community forum. It also allows you to switch to a sample database so you can test out features without making any changes to your own info

To switch to the sample database simply:

–  –  –

2. Shortcuts On the right panel there are few shortcut links to Dashboard, Reports, Settings and Upgrade.

3. Most commonly used features The icons in the centre of the screen represent the five main sections: Vendor, Purchase Order, Inventory, Sales Order and Customer are there and when you move the mouse over the icon, the other shortcut links for that particular section are displayed above and below it.

Typical screen in inflow A typical screen in inFlow Inventory has Search Box and Listing Panel on the left where you can search through a list of Orders, Customers or some other type of entity. On the right, we have the Details Panel where you can view or edit the detailed information for a particular entity.

–  –  –

1. Close Button The Close button near the top right of the Details Panel allows you to close the current entity when you are finished with it.

2. Details Panel (Header, Table and Footer) The Details Panel is the largest section on the right comprising the header, table and the footer. This is where you can fill in the specific information for the order, customer or other entity.

3. Status Bar The status bar shows the status of the current action taken on the current page on the left and the current user on the right.

–  –  –

Overview Purchasing Inventory The Purchasing homepage gives you quick The Inventory menu gives you quick links to links to various aspects of inFlow related to various aspects of inFlow related to your placing purchase orders to your vendors, product list, prices, current inventory levels or receiving shipments or vendor information. inventory management tasks. Inventory menu

Purchase menu contains the following menu contains the following menu items:


Reports Settings inFlow Inventory has a variety of reports for The Settings menu gives you quick links to gathering, printing out and sharing info about manage Company as well as Personal sales trends, payment, inventory levels or Settings of inFlow. It contains the following

other aspects of your business. Reports menu items:

menu contains the following menu items:


–  –  –

The Dashboard will open in the same window.

Overview Timeline You can see a graph of how your business has been doing over time.

 Lines – You can select the type of data you want to see in the graph from the drop-down box.

 Date – You can select the date range for the data in the graph from the drop-down box.

 Group By – You can choose the „Group By‟ options for your data i.e. to show each point as a day, week, month, quarter or year.

 Zoom in/ Zoom out – You can use these buttons to zoom in or out of the graph.

 Graph format - You can choose to view the graph as a line graph, bar graph or pie graph from these buttons.

Overview Outstanding Here you can see the actions that need your attention related to the entities like Sales Order, Purchase Order, Reorder, Work Orders and Count Sheets. Click on the detail link to view them in detail.

Top 5 Products Here you see the most important products, customers, vendors etc. You can choose the entity from the drop-down box, select the date and show (top/ bottom) number (type any number, default is 5).

You can right-click on the graph to save it for use elsewhere.

Overview Help Overview There are three main ways you can find help on how to use inFlow Inventory. Firstly, there are tooltips for quick on-screen descriptions as you use inFlow. Secondly, you can search the Help Center Knowledge Base for more detailed step-by-step instructions. Finally, you can connect with our support staff and other inFlow users by visiting the online forums at http://www.inflowinventory.com/Forum/index.php.

Tooltips By leaving your mouse cursor over a button or label for a second or two, inFlow will show you a short description of the highlighted item.

You can also use this function to see totals converted into your home currency when dealing with a foreign currency sale or purchase order.

Help You can bring up the Help menu by clicking the Help button at the top right.

From the Help Menu, you can browse the help articles or search for content on a particular topic. It also displays quick links to the articles of the section in which you are currently working. For

example if you are working in the Sales section, the Help Menu may have the following items:

1. inFlow Inventory Website – This takes you to http://www.inflowinventory.com/.

2. Get Started – This opens a page in the same window where you can watch online overview video, fill in the startup questionnaire and make use of other tips to help you start using inFlow.


3. Switch to Sample Data – This allows you to switch to a sample database and test out features without affecting your own data.

4. Search for Help (online) – This searches our online Support Centre for articles that will help walk you through what you want to do. Can’t find what you’re looking for? It will also allow you to connect up with our staff and other users to find the answers you need.

Sample Database and Real Database To help you learn how to use inFlow Inventory, we provide a Sample Database with which you can freely experiment. The Sample Database is kept completely separate from the Real Database where you can store your business‟ data, so changes you make in the Sample Database will not affect the Real Database.

To switch from your Real Database to the Sample Database:

Select Switch to Sample Data from the Help menu or from the Home page. inFlow will then restart with the sample database.

To switch from the Sample Database to the Real Database Select Switch back to My Data from the Help menu or from the Home page. inFlow will restart with the real database.

Support Services We can provide support for any aspect of using inFlow Inventory with your business.

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